Wild animals come to town


It was as if the world had stopped, frozen. In many countries a quarantine regime is in place and people are forced to stay at home. The number of cars on the roads has decreased noticeably.

Wild animals began to arrive in cities from all over the world. A herd of deer was spotted in east London, wild boars appeared in Paris, Barcelona and Bergamo, cougars appeared in Santiago de Cuba, and crocodiles swam through the canals of Cancun!

It hasn’t been long – a month or two – and nature is already reclaiming its rights, reminding us that we are not alone on Earth! No one had ever thought of that before. Was it really necessary for us to isolate ourselves from that very life in order to discern life around us? It turns out that if animals are left untouched, they can live right among us, not where we have given them safe corners in the form of nature reserves and national parks.

Maybe with the arrival of the coronavirus, humans, too, will finally learn to coexist peacefully with each other. Humanity is already tired of enmity, acts of violence, crimes, and senseless warfare.

When will people learn to live in harmony with themselves and the outside world? When will they recognize that there is something more than selfishness and small limited selfish desires? Does it take a pandemic and similar disasters to tragically encourage us to see beyond selfishness to real life?

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