Приглашение к сотрудничеству

Our club offers a conceptual unification of scientists, cultural figures and intellectuals around the idea of a single humanity, living without war in peace, and in harmony with nature. We respect the identity of every people, every civilization, religion and culture. Our differences do not prevent us from integrating into a single humanity on the basis of an integral model, which the analysts gathered in our club actively advocate.

First of all, we appeal to all who are disturbed by the growing systemic crisis of humanity, which manifests itself not so much in the growth of global problems as, first and foremost, in an outdated worldview that leads society into a dead end. Therefore, it is very important to create an interdisciplinary discourse to promote the idea of consolidation, cooperation, and love of neighbor.

We invite the leading intellectuals of a generation who are at the forefront of humanity and ready to lead it. On this site we bring together articles, interviews, and speeches from all those who consider integral systems of world building, offering practical methods for improving the current situation in all social spheres. We hope to develop a methodology for solving the crisis problems of our time and moving toward a manageable and harmonious future.


The 22nd Century International Club under the auspices of the Institute for Integral Study of Peace. (IWRI)

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756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic