Different passengers on the same boat


How to get along on one small planet, if all people are completely different? Who is trying to answer these questions! And biologists, and psychologists, and neurologists, and anthropologists, historians, philosophers, linguists. Controversy does not stop around this topic. But let's try to figure it out.

Thousands of books and scientific papers have been written in which the authors try to explain why a person who carries the qualities of the entire human race is aware of himself as an individual. And what, in the end, controls individual properties - appearance, character traits and behavior - genes, upbringing, environment or will?

These studies look at all sorts of things: height, weight, skin and eye color, nose shape, cognition, sexuality, memory, hobbies, career choices, and so on. They, in turn, are divided into congenital, acquired and changed of their own free will.

Let's start with innate properties. What depends on them?

Gene (from the Greek. genos - "kind", "origin") - a section of a molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA ). Genes determine the hereditary traits of organisms that are transmitted from parents to offspring during reproduction. Those. A gene is the basic unit of heredity, or, in more modern terms, a section of DNA or RNA responsible for a certain heritable trait of an organism. In total, a person has about 20,000-23,000 genes. A genotype (genome) is a unique combination of human genes, or an individual set of genes. Thus, the genotype is a complete set of instructions on how proteins should be synthesized in the body of a given person and, therefore, what structure and functions the body should have.

The combinations of genes are absolutely unique and unrepeatable. Being born, the child receives from his parents - partly from the mother and partly from the father - in addition to appearance, certain character traits. But, getting into a certain environment, it can change a lot. From quiet and shy to become lively and active, from complaisant to a rebel.

Consider the influence of the environment. The formation of character is influenced by education in the family, kindergarten, school, communication with peers, the environment. Under the influence of all of the above, a person can change his life attitudes - his attitude to people, to work, to his duties.

By joining all sorts of groups and organizations, a person can radically change his views. Life experience, individual events and circumstances finally form the individual in him. This is how we get in our environment people who are sociable and withdrawn, authoritarian and led, indifferent and sensitive, and so on.

But it is very important to take into account another factor: a person plays an active role in his own development and is not exclusively a product of heredity and environment. He participates in the process of his self-improvement.

His ability to control his behavior, to mobilize all his internal reserves - mental and physical - give him the opportunity to overcome difficulties and purposefully move forward. This is called the manifestation of the will.

And self-esteem is also very important here. People with higher self-esteem usually achieve more in life, as they set higher goals for themselves and strive to solve more difficult problems.

So, a person is formed throughout life - from conception to the most mature years. It goes without saying that it is simply impossible to find two absolutely similar people. But how, then, is their coexistence possible?

This is our choice. Despite all the differences between us, learn to accept each other as we are, and not to enmity, hate, exterminate. Learn to believe in people and love them. This is the most amazing character trait that has the strongest influence on a person’s interaction with others - to love, regardless of differences.

This is especially evident in the willingness to participate in group activities, to promote the development of contacts, interactions and mutual support. This is possible if we imagine that we are all in the same boat and dependent on each other. And each of us has a unique role to play. So, it is worth protecting and protecting each other! And if not immediately, then gradually this can be learned.


  1. An excellent article, raises a topic that should be addressed by every person in his heart and every country, and all of humanity.

  2. This is the whole point - to learn to accept, appreciate and be able to coexist with other people who are not your relatives. That's what education should do! A special stage in the life of people on one planet has already begun.

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