Dance on the grave of the old world

on the grave

What could be better than the collapse of the values of the old world - the destruction of egoism , the destruction of selfishness? It seems that for those who have been looking forward to this moment, the holiday will soon come.

Hatred between people, anger between spouses, animosity between parents and children, bitterness between colleagues, between peoples and countries - the ego that underlies all this, fueling division and fragmentation - is collapsing by leaps and bounds.

Who can not regret such a passing world? Anyone who feels and understands that the ego is the factor that spoils every moment of life, worsens relationships, upsets a person at every opportunity. Such a person is looking forward to the coming revolution, the upheaval that will destroy the exploitation and plunder that underlie them. And in place of this devastation, care and love for one's neighbor will grow. So what is there to regret? Such a person today is excited and full of enthusiasm.

True, so far we do not see changes, but wait and see. After all, we are still at the stage of the decay of a previous life: people without work, children without school limits, old people chained to their homes. The coronavirus has completely changed our lives. We have lost our old passions. Fashion, luxury? Who really needs it today?

Under the visible iceberg of a pandemic, huge changes are taking place, this is a global process. At one point, the virus cut off our previous life. Tomorrow night you will no longer go to a concert, sit in an easy theater chair, dance at a big wedding. Each event and pastime, each exit from the door of the house requires its own account. This is a delicate report to others: how important is the reason for me to communicate with others, why go to them, how much is it necessary and should I leave the house at all? Beneath the cloak of health concern lie deeper issues. What is needed to create a new life, what new interpersonal and social relationships?

If you understand the coming revolution and feel the changes as positive and significant, as desirable and significant, you can not worry. Nature presses on us with great care and patience. From day to day, consistently and in moderation, we undergo changes that move us to embrace a new essence.

Tomorrow will not be the same as today, so it is difficult for decision makers to lead and lead. But there is nothing to expect from them decisions. If we think more about how to reckon with others, we will succeed in many ways. The very concern for others is already a new social reality, a new attitude towards the world. This is the way of thinking of the future, the humanity of tomorrow.

Today we are moving towards a general social revolution that will embrace the whole world. This is not a revolution in the form of government, as before, but a change in the perception of man - in his relationship with others. This social revolution will manifest itself in the mind, emotions and actions. A revolution through which a person will understand how he should relate to others, near and far, but no less important than himself. It will force everyone to be closer and more attentive.

Therefore, we should describe this desired situation more and more vividly. We will paint the harmony of the future society with colors. This is a strong tendency to think about doing good to others, which is the essence of correction. After all, it corrects our perception and, consequently, reality itself.


  1. We attract the desired situation together? This means that we need to communicate on the same wavelength. And in isolation, only the Internet unites us. We transmit thoughts to each other, but we return to our reality and everything breaks again and again. How can we reunite in the topic of changing the situation and who else is connected or join us? To learn how to change the situation for the better, which is necessary for everyone ... Just not to stray from the wave and the path ...

  2. My whole life flashed before my eyes...
    It turns out that the changes are already in each of us and are activated by the virus?
    Fasten your seat belts!😎😉😷😷😷😷😷😷

  3. Yes, seat belts must be fastened before takeoff! After all, the coronavirus is very insidious. But let's not wait for its second wave. We fly towards each other. Thanks to him, he made us feel that if we strive for each other, we can build a new world based on mutual understanding and mutual support!

  4. It's hard to live in an era of change. And only thoughts about a new, more just and harmonious society and care for loved ones, acquaintances and strangers, give strength, energy and hope for the best.

  5. Straps fastened, fly to a new world. Dosvidos, no goodbye corona, thank you for visiting, go back to where you came from, we have already raised collective immunity. Thanks to everyone who is with us on the road.

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