Dance on the grave of the old world


What could be better than the collapse of the values of the old world-the destruction of selfishness, the destruction of self-love? It looks like a celebration is coming soon for those who have been looking forward to this moment.

Hate between people, anger between spouses, resentment between parents and children, bitterness between colleagues, between nations and countries–the ego at the root of it all, fueling division and fragmentation–is crumbling by the hour, not by the day.

Who can not regret such a passing world? Anyone who feels and understands that ego is the factor that ruins every moment of life, worsens relationships, and upsets a person at every opportunity. Such a person anticipates the coming revolution, a coup that will destroy the exploitation and robbery that underlies them. And in place of this devastation will grow care and love for our neighbor. So what is there to be sorry about? Such a person today is excited and enthusiastic.

True, so far we don’t see any changes, but we’ll see. After all, we are still in the decay stage of previous lives: people without jobs, children without school frameworks, the elderly confined to their homes. The coronavirus has completely changed our lives. We’ve lost our old addictions. Fashion, luxury? Who really needs it today?

Beneath the apparent iceberg of the pandemic there is a huge change, it is a global process. In one moment the virus cut off our previous lives. Tomorrow night you will no longer go to a concert, or sit in a soft theater chair, or dance at a big wedding. Every event and pastime, every walk out the door of the house requires its own account. It’s a sensitive report in relation to others: how important is it to me to have a reason to communicate with others, why go to them, how necessary is it, and is it worth going out at all? Beneath the cloak of health concerns are deeper issues. What does it take to create a new life, what new interpersonal and social relationships?

If one understands the coming revolution and feels the change as positive and significant, as desirable and meaningful, one need not worry. Nature presses us with great care and patience. Day by day, consistently and in moderation, we undergo changes that move us forward to embrace the new essence.

Tomorrow will no longer be the same as today, so it’s hard for decision makers to lead and guide. But there’s nothing to expect them to decide. If we think more about how to reckon with others, we will succeed in many things. Caring for others is already a new social reality, a new attitude toward the world. This is the way of thinking about the future, the humanity of tomorrow.

Today we are heading toward a general social revolution sweeping the world. It is not a revolution in the form of government as before, but a change in the perception of man – in his relations with others. This social revolution will manifest itself in reason, emotion, and action. A revolution through which man will understand how he should treat others, near and far, but no less important than he is. Will force everyone to be closer and more attentive.

So we should describe this desired situation more and more vividly. Let’s paint the harmony of the future society. It is the striking tendency to think about doing good to others, which is the essence of correction. For it corrects our perception and, therefore, reality itself.

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