Crisis is a turning point

a crisis

Only the lazy now does not write or say that humanity is going through a global crisis. Is it good for all of us or bad? In a fabulous form, the crisis is shown in the fairy tale The Little Humpbacked Horse , where the main character dives into boiling milk (at the risk of dying) and is born from it in a new social status: he became a king and a married man, with a different perception of himself. In general, the crisis did him good.

Wikipedia defines a crisis as follows: “Crisis is a turning point, upheaval, time of transition, turning point, a state in which the existing means of achieving goals become inadequate, resulting in unpredictable situations.”

How are you, reader? I like it because it doesn't sound hopeless: humanity is moving into a new state, but if the means to achieve the goals remain the same, then we end up with unpredictable situations. As you know, no one predicted a pandemic. Therefore, we have already received one unpredictable situation. I think we've all had enough.

How not to remember the Chinese curse again: so that you live in the days of great changes! But, alas, we do not choose the time in which we live. It remains for us to pay special attention to that part of the definition of crisis, which says how to avoid new unpredictable situations. It turns out that everything rests on the "means to achieve goals", that is, these means should not be the same and must correspond to the new state of mankind.

Again the problem: what is it, this new state of mankind? We live in it. But, as you know, even S. Yesenin said: “You cannot see a face face to face. Big things are seen from a distance . However, oddly enough, a pandemic can help us understand something about the current state of humanity.

Recently, our purely human dependence on each other has clearly manifested itself: quarantine, a two-meter distance, masks that hide our facial expressions - all this turned out to be so painful that it even exceeded a person’s natural fear of contracting covid . And in many countries, people took to the streets demanding that the restrictions that separate us be lifted.

We realized that we cannot remain human beings alone. Remember the pictures of people's joy when they finally came together. And while we all too often have to think of ourselves as separate from others, in reality we are all interconnected, and every action we take affects everyone else.

Of course, how people's lives have changed only in the last decade can be listed for a long time. However, it seems to me very important that we ourselves saw how much we need each other. So, at least one aspect of the change in the state of mankind we have established.

However, as follows from the definition of a crisis, unpredictable, unpleasant situations can only be avoided if the means to achieve goals become adequate to the new state of humanity. What are these new means to achieve goals?

To answer this question, I think, it is necessary, first of all, to honestly admit that the old, still effective way of achieving goals does not hesitate to go over the heads of those who stand in the way. Selfishness is off scale, and the result of this approach was a comprehensive crisis and pandemic that swept the entire globe.

Let's hope that a correct diagnosis will be made to the general malaise of mankind, and, as you know, it is the basis of successful treatment. We all face an old but difficult task: to finally realize, not in words, but in action, that the well-being of everyone depends on the well-being of others.


  1. A very timely article with the right message. If people finally understand that their well-being depends on the well-being of everyone else, development will go according to a different scenario ...

  2. It is not easy to live in a state of crisis, big changes. But if you set the right vector, then you can get out of it to a new level of development. The main thing, as the author of the article tells us, is to remember that we are all interconnected, and we can do this only by changing the relationship between us, in caring for each other.

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