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How do we react to what is happening

I react
30% - what happens to us 70% - how we react to it If you are now, like me, found yourself in a vacuum of an information flow of events that do not directly relate to you, but negatively affect your physical and psychological state , this post is for you. By occupation, in 2017 I took online courses from the University of Pennsylvania about media...

About addiction. Educational program on survival from my own experience

On the nth day of the war (and I have already stopped keeping a calendar), the final thought comes that this is your new life. No amenities, no regrets, no plans beyond the next hour. A survival strategy is being developed. Psychologists write a lot about what the third stage is - when you need to stop hoping that a little more and a bright future will begin behind the hillock. They say don't...


Soon we will put on clean clothes, a fresh shirt, with our sleeves rolled up a little. We go to the shower, standing under hot water for as long as necessary, slowly leaving because of the fear of the sirens. Soon we will cover ourselves with clean linen, crisp, cozy, and calmly fall asleep. Soon. Let's turn on the forgotten music again and playfully dance in the kitchen while something delicious, our favorite, is fried on the stove. Soon. We go to Silpo for wine...

Why do we experience suffering?

I am quitting smoking. My feat is two months old. And while this transition to the (perhaps) light side is being carried out, I noticed one thing. Man is such a creature - he always feels bad. I felt bad when I smoked. Thoughts about harm to health, self-flagellation on the topic “pull yourself together, a rag”, pressure from loved ones. Then I quit (I got sick and realized that smoking is not far ...

Mood lifting exercise

cheer up
I have one exercise to cheer up. I do it when the state of whining piles up (and by virtue of nature this state is my frequent guest). The exercise is simple but very effective. And I just remembered about him. At this New Year's Eve, namely at the end of the year, for many, a period of melancholy and self-flagellation begins. No mood, nothing happened, ...

Miracle for the New Year

New Year
Somehow, on New Year's Eve, a story happened to me. It was a long time ago, 10 years ago. That December, I was returning home from university late at night. In the half-empty bus, a battered rain hung here and there, people sat one at a time, tired and drooping, staring thoughtfully at the windows. And outside the windows - cork, snowstorm and cold. That New Year's Eve, I had...

The cure for all diseases

Is there a cure for diseases, crises and wars in the world? A universal antidote, an elixir that can give us life? When I was younger, I often got sick. It was normal for me to take sick leave every month, to lie in an 8-bed ward every six months. The ambulance no longer caused panic attacks, and the “to go plus card” kit was always at hand. Depressed mood, loss of hope for...


The experiment of the American ethologist John Calhoun, conducted with mice in 1972, was called "Universe-25". Four mice were placed under ideal conditions. Clean water, good food and nests for females. Thanks to fabulous comfort, after 315 days there were already 600 mice in the tank. The number of test subjects was constantly growing. Until the tank gets too crowded. This is where the disaster began to unfold. Stage 1 B...

How a hermetic ecosystem works

An ecosystem is a collection of organisms that interact with each other and with their environment in such a way that such a community can be preserved and function over a long period of time. An ecosystem can be created. It's just something incredible! In a completely sealed space with a handful of earth, life is born that can support itself for decades. Plants produce photosynthesis, the production of energy and condensate, needed for ...

Everything happens in life

In life
Do you know what the difference between generations is? To the same question, the young will always try to stick out their critical opinion, while the older ones will smile and say: “Everything happens in life.” But with each new day, life throws us more and more difficult tasks, and I increasingly hear this phrase from people of all ages. Adoption. Understanding that we are not all...


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