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Blockchain exchange. Economic guarantee system

Three scenarios of collective self-government Based on our historical experience, it is possible to define 3 scenarios of collective self-government: Scenario 1. - On the basis of high morality: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." This scenario was possible in the time of Abraham and a little later, while selfishness in people was not as developed as it is today. And people lived in small communities, where everyone was in sight and everyone knew ...

Levels of Consciousness

If we aspire to the evolutionary change of man, it is worthwhile to understand the different levels of human consciousness. Here is a list of levels with a brief description of each: 1 - holistic consciousness, 2 - analytical consciousness, 3 - integral consciousness. A person has a WHOLE consciousness in a sensitive period - up to 7 years. During this period, we learn a huge number of skills and abilities. Here is what Maria Montessori writes about this period: “Each feature ...

Synergistic cooperation. Prospects for the development of mankind

The society has already matured, and network technologies have developed to such an extent that it is possible to move to a new level of SOCIAL association, similar to that which exists at the biological level. Nature forces us, whether we like it or not, to unite in one heart-organism. Whether this unification will take place peacefully or through cataclysms depends on us. From the extent to which our actions coincide with the direction in which nature ...

How to transition to a life of excess

to life
How to create effective and fair relations in society without resorting to revolutionary transformations Life from lack Today, the vast majority of people take action, do things not on their own initiative, but under the pressure of circumstances, when they begin to experience a lack in their lives of what they consider necessary for survival . In such a life, a life from lack, a person has to extract vital resources in excess of what is necessary for his existence. At...

People want not only to consume, but also to create

With this statement (title) I do not discover America. This is an obvious fact. But he is not noticed, because the vast majority is active with the intention of (1) getting food, entertainment, attention and envy of others, power, knowledge, honors. But there are also people who are active with the intention of (2) enjoying and enjoying the process of creative work. Many, in order to somehow explain this strange phenomenon, omit ...

Integral Development Technology

The integral methodology of human development proposes to develop such properties and skills that, in the end, create the ability to develop a person on a non-egoistic basis. The main principles of our approach The ability to live in a situation of uncertainty - it is necessary to develop the skills and properties of search creative activity; There is life from lack and life from excess - you need to learn to live from excess. Life from excess is only possible...


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