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Is hunger threatening mankind?

Illustration: AFP Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global trading system failed. States with large agricultural turnover, such as Kazakhstan and Vietnam, have imposed restrictions on grain exports. Russia also plans to make a similar decision. Such events threaten the economic and social stability of food insecure nations around the world. Food problems are exacerbated by the fact that food...

Post-Quarantine World – Total Control or Global Reset?

The global spread of the epidemic provoked a dramatic acceleration of historical processes. Entire countries have unwittingly become a zone of large-scale social experiments, as a result of which it has already become clear that the world is changing rapidly, and soon we will live in a new reality. How will the lesson of the global threat affect relations...

How to celebrate a quarantined and self-isolated wedding – life goes on!

Border closures and quarantine measures taken by many governments have disrupted not only the schedule of passenger transportation, work schedules of employees of government agencies, large businesses and small businesses, but also the personal plans of many young couples who have long been preparing for the main event of their lives - the marriage ceremony. Invitations have been sent...

What can I do online?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many meetings and events are shifting to remote operation. For example, the Pope has allowed virtual absolution, according to a decree that says Catholics only need to connect to a broadcast of Holy Mass, observe the rituals and pray at home to receive full absolution. So mankind begins to get used to the new reality,...


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