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Eat them!

Eat them!
Then one of my comrades wrote to me, well, straight with a tear, how he and his granddaughter visited the play "The Three Little Pigs". A tear, he says, was squeezed out of him by the completely ruthless attitude of juvenile spectators towards the unfortunate piglets. “We, after all, in childhood,” he wrote, “we felt sorry for these pigs. Humanly! They fooled the wolf when he asked where they ran. And here? This is horror! They...

8 billion Uncle Liu

In short, we here, thoughtlessly, went on the offensive, having no idea of the green with whom we contacted, so soon we will all dream of kirdyk. And who spurred us on this evil "offensive"? But to make peace, huh? .. And sometimes, like a neighbor, sit with a glass of tea .... So no. Although about the glass, of course, I'm joking. Not much to drink with her. You will choke. Well, okay, with whom ...

Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming, don't inject, it hurts!

Replication, which people once allowed into their lives, served well at first. And behaved well. Then it grew and got stronger. And now it takes reality away from life. In a brazen It used to happen that before people close to culture compared landscapes, scenes, interiors, etc. with paintings by masters of painting. This was the beginning of the fact that the built environment - culture - became a separate world. Became a habitat...

Game and intertwined realities

"In order to curb the nature, In order to dispel the darkness of ignorance, We take a picture of the universe And stupidly look what's what." (A. and B. Strugatsky "Monday begins on Saturday") Core reality Here, some physicists have diverged so far in their attempts to generalize their desperate discoveries that they begin to assert that we all live not in one reality, but in several parallel ones. And no matter how much one would like to agree with these dreamers, - ...

Immortal jellyfish, or the Disease of the century

The Times can be trusted. If The Times, in its scientific column, suspected that the jellyfish could be the only immortal creature on Earth, then these suspicions are not without foundation. In any case, says The Times, the hydroid Turritopsis nutricula, which is only 4-5 mm in diameter, is an animal unique in that it is able to rejuvenate itself. Very attractive. Especially for a human being who wants to just live. That is...

Mechanisms of psychological defense in anti-Semitism

"What do they all want from us?" is the question that Jews ask themselves, knowing that there is no answer. "They" don't want anything. “They” simply experience: dislike, disgust, contempt, hatred. And feelings do not argue - so, in any case, experienced psychiatrists say. But where these feelings come from is really worth considering. What is characteristic of anti-Semitism Each person has different internal instinctive urges, ...

The only worthwhile enterprise

It was a long time ago, but the phenomenon itself continues to tingle with relevance. Yes, and in the East, after all, there was a case, but there they breathe, you know, the relevance of millennia, and not days, weeks and other trifles. So. Years ago, over 70,000 Iranian students volunteered to blow themselves up in Israel. Registration of volunteers wishing to commit ritual suicide was in all seriousness. The organizers of the event have...

War as a rare opportunity

bomb shelter
Lepota, the sun, Saturday, I walk decorously, nothing to anyone, suddenly on you - howled, buzzed. Hustle, anxiety. I went into the house next to it, into the entrance, stood like an obedient citizen. Immediately booming start in the sky. Something too fast, or they flew up from Gaza so quickly, or the siren watchers gape. And from the stairs, from the upper floors - screeching, fervent cries and healthy children's laughter. The people obediently, whole families, ...

Do I need to take a loan, or the formula of submissive "loan borrowing"

How to take a loan
Tankers "It's a strange case with me: on the road I completely overspending." (N.V. Gogol "The Government Inspector") Although, in general, nothing strange: life is such a road, progress along which really requires serious funds. Highways and streets of the city consume gasoline, and our life path eats money. What remains of us as a result - there is nothing to look at - this is another story. Happens,...

We've all gone through these changes.

Before, life either beat off our sense of smell, or spoiled our eyesight. Whether the environment influenced somehow not so. In any case, we often confused sharpness of mind and talent with the spiritual level of a person. The problem is known to everyone, but it does not have a solution. To be honest, we still confuse these things. For example, someone will say or write something “smart” - we will ...


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