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Publicist, teacher, permanent member of the club "22nd century".

Understand Nature

of nature
We all want love. A person seeks happiness in everything - in power, in wealth, in family relationships, in art - everywhere. But in order to find true happiness, you need to understand Nature. There are eco-friendly methods of finding happiness, but there are also non-ecological ones. Eco-friendly means without any problems in the future, when we tune in to understand the environment, nature, study books on ...

How to direct attention in the right direction

Problems in the environment, a crisis in the economy, a violation of the health of everyone - this is a violation of the balance in the social system, since it is built in the image and likeness of a harmonious natural system. Therefore, the first step is to establish a relationship by directing our attention in the right direction. Attention is the process by which we explore the world. We shift our attention to past events, to present events, and to...

Awareness is a good result

Finally, humanity is beginning to realize that it is in a permanent crisis. People are not yet talking about it in full voice, but they already understand that they do not know what to do. And this is already a good result. But how much more suffering must mankind endure in order for people to at least a little go towards each other? Only in order to annul your enormous egoism, that is, to rise above it, to humanity...

What is the root of our problems?

The Root of Problems A person is initially selfish, and his selfishness only increases with time. He is only happy with what he receives for himself or for his children. Therefore, a person constantly encounters the same egoists as himself. Everyone is busy taking care of themselves, but we do not like this state of affairs. What will happen if we want unity with every person, with the world...

We can make each other happy

The surrounding society can be changed. We can make each other happy if we learn to forgive, understand and support each other. How to achieve this? Today, the Internet is accessible and interesting in that it expands communication, gives interesting information and knowledge. We observe how people react differently to events in the world. To clarify the information received, we usually choose to listen to those who are more understandable and interesting to us. A good lecturer...

People who know how to work on themselves

People who know how to work on themselves, striving to change themselves for the better, are admirable. Will they involve humanity in the creation of a new spiritual generation? At one of the meetings on the transfer of experience for novice teachers, the former director of the orphanage spoke. He talked about how plastic the children's brain is and how important it is to develop various skills in a child in childhood, to acquaint children as much as possible with everything, ...

The persistence of evil and the time of rebirth

We know the ancient commandments: "Do not wish for your neighbor what you do not wish for yourself", "Help your neighbor, and you will be rewarded." However, our world is far from observing these rules. Behind us is the history of the twentieth century, from which mankind emerged with the scars of two world wars, with the memory of Nazism, fascism and Stalinism. And today, in the 21st century, there is a war on the planet. The brutality continues...

One leader in the field is not a warrior

We live in a world of zero world leadership. Everyone expects someone to shift the burden of responsibility for solving the most difficult problems. However, it is difficult to be a leader when relationships are in a chaotic state. Once the dignity of the individual was a sign of being chosen. Such a person was not only well educated, but also responsible, benevolent, able to behave, knowing the code of honor, i.e. well brought up. The chosen one...

How to stay on the wave of positive thinking

In these difficult times, it is easy to lose your peace of mind. The media is filled with negativity, television is full of aggression. Time is running fast, technology is becoming more advanced, but people still have not learned how to control their thoughts and feelings. This is very worrying for scientists, since an insensitive person is dangerous for his cruelty. What to do? How to stay on the wave of positive thinking? Let's say sometimes good music can quickly...

Are there schools that develop feelings and emotions?

Why don't we learn how to control our feelings and thoughts? This is not taught to us in schools. The answer suggests itself: are conscious leaders needed? How mature is society to be reasonable? ******************************************************* *************** Artificial intelligence excites the scientific world with its development. This is a programmed computer that can perform various complex tasks, but it does not have emotions, feelings, self-awareness. What about a person?...


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