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We all want love. Man seeks happiness in everything – in power, in wealth, in family relationships, in art – everywhere. But to find true happiness you need to understand Nature.

There are ecological methods of finding happiness, and there are nonecological methods. Ecological – it means without any problems in the future, when we tune in to understand the environment, nature, studying books on ethical behavior, following the worldview of wise people, but most of all – seeking to understand ourselves.

And the non-environmental ones are looking for their own personal gain at the expense of others. Non-environmental also includes drugs, after taking which immediately feel “good”, but then it ends badly.

Lying becomes a basic quality of life, although the person does not admit it. Relying on the workings of the brain – which is the ego – one finds in the lie a logic that justifies oneself. Such a life passes with eyes closed, as in a dream: the film of life spins without awareness of oneself. His inner consciousness sits quietly in the depths of his heart and is silent – he is not given the word.

As we strive to find a way out of the maze of life, we seek helpers, teachers. Those teachers who want to tell us how to live in joy with all speak of the knowledge that gives us balance, because It is inherent in the ability to think globally about all beings in the universe. Globally, it means not only thinking well of everyone, but also finding excuses for those who cause pain and evil. It is easy for us to justify our relatives, ourselves, our children, but we judge others, forgetting that nature is a single system.

It happened sometimes, accidentally, thinking sincerely about others, the stress went away, the heart was filled with peace, an amazing state of mind, a sense of awe-inspiring care…. What was going on? And this happened to merge my positive emotional mood with a similar positive state of nature. After all, there is no evil, no negativity, no resentment in nature. Therefore, nature also responds positively to gratitude by giving joy.

This is the basic meaning of awareness of unity with nature, knowledge of integral methodology, which is worth mastering, realizing that we are all one family.

A sincere desire to be a conscious person with positive thinking corrects the desire to live for oneself, gradually removes problems from life, gives the energy of love, peace, and leads to the best solution to any issue.

Understanding this simple and profound knowledge is slow. It is especially difficult to learn how to justify and forgive those who have caused pain. That’s why you need the support of the environment.

Moses led the Jews through the desert for 40 years to change their slave mentality. Are we still slaves to our egos, and do we find it hard to break away from the desire to always be right?

Many have embarked on a journey of learning a new way of thinking. In fact, by thinking of the good for everyone, by wishing happiness for all, we build a mutual caring bond. By reflecting on the harmony of relationships in the world, we cleanse the heart of selfishness, empathy expands in us, and the chain of positive and negative thoughts becomes clear.

Good thoughts bring a state of joy, health, understanding. Bad thoughts, on the other hand, produce bad substances in the body and lead to negative events in the future. So fear produces adrenaline, and greed, anger and envy produce poison – and one suddenly finds oneself in a low-level social circle. Love produces a natural drug, which is why people in love and creatively obsessed are in a flight of happiness, losing the desire to sleep and eat, attracting people to themselves like a magnet.

The theme of a unified, intelligent space of nature has long been not a matter of religion, but a scientific study that has confirmed the unified connection of all manifestations in nature and in man. And prayer is not about asking for good things for yourself, but understanding that selfishness is multifaceted and must be changed in yourself. Such research in yourself should be given time every day, then there will be a result, a new feeling, a sense of the state of nature and connection with it.

A good businessman has a developed intuition. He may not realize the power of this quality, but he uses it. He listens to his intuition, and if he does not develop it, sooner or later his business will go bust. And it’s when he has huge savings that he learns the lesson of life. This is how nature’s computer works: like attracts like. Savings for their own sake burn out.

And people of art are gifted with the creative power of creation, a sensitive conscience, and intuition. Artistic perception of the world gives them a special flexibility in their attitude toward people.

One facet of the integral method is to give this knowledge to children. The first thing worth developing (and that children easily perceive) through music, painting, etc., is creative thinking. Creativity, merging with the immediacy of children’s perception, plus the knowledge of working with egoism (at an older age), naturally makes a person beautiful internally, free, joyful, curious, thinking, courageous in making sense of life. And perfect relationships color life with airy shades of joy and happiness.

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