The cause of natural disasters


Humanity keeps getting hit harder and harder. Nature is trying to take civilization from a state in which humanity is in accordance with an egoistic paradigm: exploitation, manipulation and hatred, to one in which people should interact positively with one another. That is, “as one person with one heart,” as a single, well-oiled interconnected and interdependent system.

In other words, if people established a harmonious and balanced relationship with each other, then balance at the human level would spread throughout nature. And then all people on Earth would experience nature harmoniously and peacefully, and natural disasters would become a forgotten element of the past.

It would be wise to pay attention to the future states we can reach. It must be understood that the blows come to squeeze the human society out of its selfish attitude toward one another and awaken it to the opposite of a harmonious existence.

In fact, we live in a world where all is well. And it is only we humans who give the world a negative form by our selfish attitude toward one another. The time is approaching when we will recognize the need to stop treating each other through the lens of selfishness–when each of us prioritizes our own gain at the expense of the other–and instead learn to treat each other with patience, positivity, and kindness.

If we made such a transition, we would witness a good life, the likes of which we have never lived before. Therefore, we should try to achieve such a relationship as quickly as possible.

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