Is it possible to reduce overconsumption?


Humanity can only reduce overconsumption and overproduction if it changes itself – begins to understand why life is really worth living.

Man cannot change the world, but he can change himself to be content and not to want unnecessary consumption. Then we would end the destruction of the planet, the overproduction and overconsumption of so many goods that we don’t need.

Each of us has our own definition of values, which are influenced by a person’s particular upbringing. Thus, everyone will need an individual form of self-transformation training.

Although it may seem utopian that human society would do away with over-activity to be content with what each of us really needs. However, we have no choice! The other option is to forcibly stop the process, the production lines, the cessation of procreation – but this is simply self-destruction.

These are the choices facing humanity as we head into the future: either learn to cope and be content with what we really need, or face the destruction of civilization.

When we talk about self-transformation, we are not talking about a change in human nature, but a change in human nature, that is, how each of us applies it. Simply put, our desire to demand “I want it!” will remain unchanged within each person. But the change will unfold in the fulfillment of desire: that we will feel as if we are getting everything we need from the world, and that we don’t need anything else. We can feel that satisfaction when we become mutually complementary.

As we strive for the future, we will have to figure out how not to destroy the planet and life on it, but instead lead everyone to realize the need for change.

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