Are there schools that develop feelings and emotions?


Why aren’t we learning how we can control our feelings and thoughts? They don’t teach that to us in schools. The answer begs itself: do we need conscious leaders? How mature is society to be reasonable?


Artificial Intelligence is stirring the scientific world with its development. It is a programmed computer that can perform various complex tasks, but it has no emotions, feelings, awareness of itself. What about the man? It is known that many major physicists and mathematicians were also excellent musicians, poets, and artists. Are there schools that develop feelings and emotions?

We have special schools for physics and mathematics, and we have schools with profound study of foreign languages. Lucky for those who are musically gifted and learn music, in a regular school there are few hours allocated for this subject. There used to be rhetoric classes, now there aren’t. This course not only develops speech, one learns to express thought logically and emotionally, and most importantly – learns to build relationships, along with this mastering the qualities of leadership. The laws of correct speech give the skill of good communication. Man is a complex, emotional organism, he must be taught to manage his feelings, his thoughts, to be empathetic, aware, intelligent.

We observe how a child develops, how he reacts to love and dislike, to attention and inattention. Very early on, the infant is ready to play, shows emotions – laughs, grieves. At the age of four months, he pulls a diaper over his head himself, hiding his face, playing hide-and-seek: peek-a-boo! And at six months, invites him to play with him – for the call desperately cries, watching closely as his mother does not find the cause of tears, and suddenly laughs gleefully, takes the hands of a doll and all facial expressions show: let’s play, it’s fun! The more interesting a person is, the more developed, the richer is his range of feelings.

There are many different organs in the human body, but where is the organ that controls emotions? We say, “I feel with my heart. But it’s not the muscle that pumps the blood in the body. Many moms know the feeling if something is wrong with their child away from home, they say, “My soul hurts!” The soul is not shaped like a muscle, but is clearly palpable in its variety of emotions. What is this antenna built into us, what is happening to us? There’s a lot we don’t know and are completely unfamiliar with our complex bodies. What new opportunities await us in the future! Science will make many more interesting discoveries.

Today we are surprised by the common joy that brings our whole body into harmony – and the sick person recovers. And feelings of pain, fear, suffering, grief can not only make you sick, but also kill you.

Integral science says that everything in the universe is one, and that thought is thin matter, which in the form of atoms and molecules, corpuscles of light and other particles unknown to us yet, flies in space at a speed that can catch up in an instant any object at the opposite end of the Earth, the galaxy, the universe. How many times have we been convinced of the power of positive thinking! It helps to keep the family together, to restore health. It remains to realize and learn to control your thoughts.

There have been experiments where a group of 100 people prayed in an area of war – and the conflict stopped. Why aren’t we learning how we can control our feelings and thoughts?

We are not taught integral science in schools for the same reason that the science of rhetoric is not in the curriculum. The answer begs itself: do we need conscious leaders? How mature is society to be reasonable?

Consciousness is a point of the soul, but where does it belong? Feelings and thoughts probably have different dispositions, but that’s not that important to us, let the scholars think about it or ask the sages. It is more important for us to learn how to manage our thoughts and feelings, so that relationships bring each person warmth, joy, health and happiness.

The health of nature and man are in tandem, so the rule of caring for one’s neighbor is embedded in the commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself. It is also common etiquette to offer help, care.

When we think about it, our thoughts line up the possibility of living consciously. Let it happen, and someone wants to open a school or academy of integral thinking. And someone just put on good music, watch an interesting movie or read a book to the child about good relationships.

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