What is wrong with our desires?


Instead of of that, To live in tune, we chasing for all the time pop-up desires, for which в Ultimately Bottom line Paying и sorry. How can you control your desires?

It is worth first understanding what desire is and what is wrong with our desires. The bad thing about our desires is that they control us and our intelligence.

Desire, or rather the desire to receive, is the whole essence of man, and he wants to be filled with pleasure all the time.

What pleasure does he want to be filled with? He doesn’t care as long as he is satiated; so killing and stealing and exploiting, manipulating, and abusing others can easily give him satisfaction. Positive altruistic actions can also satisfy our desires, but usually they do not.

This desire to enjoy at the expense of others and nature is called the ego. Its evil lies in its failure to reckon with others. Desire constantly commands man, forcing him to please the demands of the ego, unaware that it is not really man himself. This desire exists in him like a virus or microbe and governs him.

But the man treats it as if it were himself – but it is not. The ego rules people from within to their detriment because it forces them to follow its demands when they themselves would like to develop differently. On the contrary, it leads people into all kinds of negative situations. For example, even at the level of basic health, our bodies just want to be healthy; but because of our desire for pleasure, many fill their bodies with all kinds of drugs, chemicals, alcohol and smoke. That’s how ego pulls the strings of pleasure. The ego does not ask our permission, but dictates to us what we seem to want.

After all, through the accumulation of life experiences, as well as the various indirect support systems in the environment we encounter, a siren sounds in our intellect: “Wait a minute! What your desire leads you to is not at all in your favor!” The intellect recognizes that simply following the dictates of our own desires has led us to all kinds of suffering and blowback. In other words, intelligence arises to balance the desire to receive demands.

Desire belongs more to the animal level within us, while intelligence belongs more to our human level. The intellect is cold. It tells us what is right and what is wrong, but then it becomes difficult to activate it to control our desires.

How difficult it is to control our desire with intelligence we can understand from the example of our childhood, when our parents told us to be good children and learn, but we only wanted to play and be idle. Later in life we can say that our parents were right, but that doesn’t help us or take us back to a time when we could have benefited from following their advice.

How can we, throughout life, in those moments when we have harmful desires, control them intellectually and balance them out?

Instead of living in harmony, we chase ever popping desires, for which we end up paying and regretting.

The integral methodology offers an alternative: a method of achieving a life experience in which we realize our desires in a beneficial way–balancing them with our intellect in a way that leads to an optimal state.

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