Why do we hide our state of mind from others?


Each of us experiences a storm of feelings and emotions every day. But when viewed from the outside, we seem calm, in an even mood, which does not betray what is going on inside us at all. Why? What are we afraid of? Why do we hide our state of mind from others?

Surely there are many reasons. But the main one is that we are afraid that they will not understand us, or rather, they will not hear us. They will not understand our joy or sadness, anxiety or indignation. They will not hear, because others do not care what happens to us.

It often happens when people around seem to be listening, but not hearing, and a person stumbles upon a wall of indifference and misunderstanding. Listening and hearing others is so important! Otherwise, why did nature endow us with this wonderful hearing aid?

But there is another important problem - a person's self-doubt. He is afraid to look stupid, worried that they will laugh at him. This is a legacy from a distant childhood, when the child was constantly pulled up for saying something wrong or wrong. The brain remembered it, because it remembers the negative much better.

It also happens that a person with his condition does not want to offend, anger or suppress anyone. As they say, he tries not to add fuel to the fire. It happens, of course, that the time is not right, and the society does not correspond, and the situation does not suit .... All this complex of reasons leads to the fact that a person is more and more closed in himself.

He wanders silently through the streets or sits in confinement at home. He locks his heart with a barn lock. And no one can get in there anymore.

The man was awarded with different epithets: erect man, reasonable man, speaking man . I would clarify a little - the speaker and the listener. Because he needs both equally. Speaking and listening, he is in contact with the world. Speaking and listening, perceives himself and others, finds support and understanding.

Speaking and listening are two important actions that distinguish man from animals. But he can carry out both these actions only in the environment of his own kind.

By showing each other respect and care, we will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and be heard. To do this, we need to properly educate ourselves. Cultivate patience and sympathy, learn to empathize and imbue what is heard, not to interrupt or convince.

It is much easier for a person to express his thoughts if he understands from your eyes that you hear him, take your time and give him the right time.

If we change our attitude towards each other in this way, we will feel that it is easier for us to open our hearts, that we become more and more sensitive to the feelings of the interlocutor. That our hearts soften, and we understand each other's aspirations from a half-word.

Two great functions given to us by nature must work, otherwise we will turn into animals.


  1. This is true, absolutely true.
    Emotional baggage is scarce, does not allow you to hear all the pain or joy of the other.
    Perhaps, after reading the article, a certain number of readers will think and try to be more sensitive.
    Thanks a lot to the author.

  2. Unfortunately, a person hides in himself, not even trusting his neighbors. Melting the ice of relationships, distrust of others is difficult and you need help, you can recommend the method of integral education and upbringing

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