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meaning of life

We ask ourselves the question: what is the point in conflicts, in rough communication, in cruelty, in wars ? Someone will say that this is bad and terrible, and someone will silently shrug their shoulders. But there are few who see a unified picture of the world and can name the reason for everything that happens. Understanding the meaning of life is an important step in the spiritual development of every person.

Turning to integral science , one can find out that the states of any interactions, at all levels of molecules and atoms, must be balanced and create a single field of all nature. A person likes the state of balance of feelings and mind. But how do you get to that level?

The path to self-mastery is not easy. Everyone noted that deluding thoughts spoil even the little that we have already understood. Therefore, it is difficult for one person to move on the path of conscious development.

Upbringing in the modern world is based on pedagogy, and pedagogy is a young science, its achievements push back modern technologies that are ahead of morality and education. Not all the achievements of pedagogy today have received due attention.

The Swiss teacher Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827), according to the Russian teacher K.D. Ushinsky , made a great discovery with his idea of developmental education. The method involves joint observation and reflection of the teacher and the student. The principles underlying it are still relevant today: emphasis on the development of the natural inclinations of the individual, both intellectual, physical and moral, based on nature-friendly learning.

Humanity in its majority is ready to accept the knowledge of integral science, which is based on the unity of nature and man, because it is in this understanding that the exact and complete answer lies. But the development of science without the development of spirituality and morality relegates the harmonious development of mankind to the background and puts it on the brink of a permanent crisis.

Neurolinguist Tatyana Chernigovskaya emphasizes that the uniqueness of a person lies not only in remembering and knowing a lot of things and being a good specialist, but also in working creatively with any task, because. creativity is not subject to the calculation of machines and artificial intelligence. It is important for us to develop what is stronger in us, otherwise the machines will begin to control us.

Psychophysiologist Vadim Rotenberg explained that without a creative approach, a person will not survive in difficult life situations. Knowing that one of the hemispheres works with the logic of things, while the other is engaged in creative search, it is impossible to stop the work of one of the hemispheres so as not to damage the overall health of a person. It is the creative approach that preserves human health in difficult situations and prolongs the active life of the individual until old age. The scientist also says that not everyone understands the importance of creativity, its search activity. And such a misunderstanding causes a rejection of the importance of educating a person in a creative approach to tasks.

And what does integral science recommend? This knowledge, which is rooted in the distant past, offers to observe children from infancy to understand what they are unique in. And having understood, they are advised to help the child develop intensively precisely this unique ability, and not those in which he lags behind - then the child will be happy and creatively filled all his life.

What is the advantage of a creative approach to personal development? This approach increases positive interaction with all levels of a person's life. It becomes obvious that creativity implies reflection, awareness, development, trust, progress. A creative lifestyle develops purity of mind and feelings to such an extent that a person, in the end, sees the need to be a single whole organism with all of humanity, with all of nature.

Unfortunately, the very idea of a creative approach to work is not clear to those who are used to ruling and setting limits; creative people scare them, because they cannot be limited, they cannot be controlled, they cannot be controlled. At the same time, the very idea of power loses its meaning, and therefore encounters active resistance.

What is the answer to the question about the meaning of all the cruelty that we see in the world?

Observing this problem, we must come to an understanding, to a clear realization that we need to learn how to live creatively and in accordance with nature , as Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi said. This is the basis of integral knowledge.

Morality implies respect for the individual, respect for nature, for all living things. It contributes to the development of the creative potential of each person, thereby creating a harmonious world. As a result, evil will disappear. Man is meant for love and happiness, not for conflicts and wars.

We are still moving towards this understanding, we are interested in what it is to love another person selflessly? We want to be like those who have already realized this. We need this knowledge in order to create conditions for the development of our loved ones. So that the heart constantly creates warmth, care, love.

Creating cordiality within oneself, in order to do everything again and again with unconditional love, without debt, but simply to do it, finding more and more creative approaches - then the family will not be destroyed, the country will not fall apart, peace will be preserved, the idea of attacking a foreign country will not arise . This is the right approach to life that preserves, supports, helps.

The world does not stand still, it develops. If we are still alive today, then, probably, not thanks to our egoistic mind, but as proof that there is a mind that saves us from our stupidities, allowing us to understand the meaning of life.


  1. Yes, we live, believing that life will sway to the right, swaying to the left, as the poet Joseph Brodsky said. We came into this world only to know the Higher Power and its idea for us and have no right to take the lives of others and destroy our own ..

  2. Creativity, morality, love are three compulsory subjects in school. Everything else is up to the child.

  3. Thanks for the article! So simply about important and useful things. The article will help me understand the meaning of life.

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