Permacrisis is just the beginning


The British Collins Dictionary has chosen permacrisis as its word of the year for 2022. The word "permacrisis" describes "a long period of instability and insecurity". It is one of several words that Collins highlights that refer to ongoing crises, including political instability, the war in Ukraine, climate change and the cost of living.

But this is not yet a crisis , but rather the beginning of something larger. The real crisis is still a few years away, but the descent to it has already begun.

Crises are not inevitable. Humanity would have prevented them if it wanted and decided to do so. But since people only care about their own interests, they cannot agree on comprehensive solutions. However, when a real crisis unfolds, it will not be picky and hit everyone.

At the moment, the richest people in the world, who can prevent humanity from sliding into the abyss, are not really suffering. As long as the thunder has not yet struck, one can see the clouds on the horizon, and, for lack of immediate danger, go with the flow.


But where are we sailing? No one knows. Is it suitable?

We do not need special knowledge or special skills to deal with crises. And you don't need a lot of money. All we need is the will to unite and work together to carry out the decisions we have made. The very spirit of consent will matter. Since division is the problem, cohesion is the solution. Unfortunately, people cannot or do not want to agree with each other, so they go with the flow. However, we must remember that the current leads to the waterfall.

It is not that we are especially weary in the face of the many crises from which humanity is suffering. It is human nature to wait for the last minute, to cling to the familiar and hope for a turn for the better. But there is no turn for the better, as we interpret the best as the best for me , and life promotes what is best for everyone .

If we cared about others and wanted to improve everyone's life, we would adapt to reality and thus eliminate all crises. Our personal and local crises would disappear as all the crises around us would disappear. After all, they all arise from intransigence and stubbornness.

Thus, the permacrisis is not related to climate change, local war or inflation. This is the result of selfishness.

When we stop trying to improve things just for ourselves and start looking for ways to help everyone, we will help ourselves too. And the permacrisis will stop, moving to the stage of harmony with lasting satisfaction.


  1. A warning article to stop and think about what is happening to us?
    What if we make a little effort and take care of something or someone with the idea that we are one family?
    Thanks a lot to the author.

  2. If petty-bourgeois views prevail in countries, then each inhabitant of it only cares about himself, his home and family, and everyone else is of little interest to him. This is the selfish predominance in the common life of any country, whose policies also match the inhabitants. , wars of conquest begin and the ensuing consequences, the population of their own country and those countries that they capture are dying. It is necessary to look ahead, knowing the reasons for the growth of egoism and its manipulations.

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