What to wish on the eve of 2023?


This is where 2022 ends. By tradition, many organizations, scientific associations, institutes summarize and announce the most interesting and important research, events, inventions. Among all their diversity, there are optimistic and not very optimistic ones.

At the beginning of this year, the UN Secretary General reminded the world that “… we are at a crossroads and we have to make the appropriate choice. It can be both disruptive and breakthrough.” Unfortunately, there was no breakthrough.

For example, the problem of extreme poverty has not been solved, and it has been postponed until 2030. COVID-19 played a significant role here, leading to unemployment, inflation, and economic recession.

The poor have become even poorer.

No one has solved these problems, and the world is already threatened by a new genipavirus that combines measles, parainfluenza and mumps (mumps), which are spread by shrews.

Almost the whole year nature was in emergency mode. Fires, floods, typhoons, earthquakes…. Environmental disasters happen with frightening regularity.

ISIS has stepped up its activities. This problem was discussed in February in the UN Security Council. It was noted that around the world, primarily in Syria and Iraq, al-Qaeda and Daesh militants are still rampant, conducting offensive operations, mining roads and recruiting fighters into their ranks.

The UN Security Council noted that the fight against terrorism is a long-term task and that there are no quick solutions in this direction. It turns out that this problem was not solved either.

The global energy crisis has increased interest in renewable energy sources. It was planned that the main increase will come from wind and solar energy. Almost 60%. And again something went wrong. Windless weather, excessive consumption of energy in most industries and a sharp rise in the price of all types of energy.

The volume of agricultural production fell by 3%. This means that an even greater number of the population did not receive food for their table. In addition, prices for all types of agricultural products have risen sharply.

Add to this the political environment.

According to the Global Conflict Tracker website, about thirty global military conflicts are currently taking place in the world. Armed conflict in Ukraine , military conflicts in Syria, coups in Haiti, Yemen and Ethiopia. Aggravation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, military actions in Afghanistan….

But last year there were also positive news.

For example, the European Inventor Awards 2022 award ceremony for the best inventors took place in Munich. In the category "Research" the winner was the Frenchwoman Claude Grison. She combined botany and chemistry and developed a method of using plants to extract metallic elements from contaminated soil, the so-called "Ecocatalyst". After all, dangerous heavy metals are found in the soil - zinc, cadmium, mercury, lead. And in the fields containing these metals, they grow products that are a direct threat to our health.

Another invention is a color-changing car. This happens thanks to a special film covering the car. I can’t say that the invention is very important, but interesting.

Vikings body scan allows you to get an accurate picture of the physical structure of the body - to determine fat and muscle mass, etc. For what? It turns out that these indicators are directly related to vascular age and problems of the nervous system.

Samsung Eco Remote is an ecological product. It doesn't need to be charged. It is powered by solar energy. That is, this is an invention that works for the benefit of the ecology of our planet.

Time magazine also ranked the best inventions of 2022. One of the first places was taken by the development of the Ukrainian startup Esper Bionics - a robotic prosthesis. The prostheses are equipped with 24 sensors that detect and process muscle activity and brain impulses. The device also works under the control of artificial intelligence, machine learning allows you to do this more "intuitively".

Many significant events have taken place in the world of art and culture. Expositions, exhibitions, premieres, concerts, festivals, international book fairs. Among them is the famous Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale. Venice hosted the famous biennale of contemporary art, Eurovision in Turin, Italy, London hosted the show "Voyage" ("Journey") of the legendary Swedes from the ABBA group, an exhibition of contemporary art in Kassel, Germany, the German national theater award "Faust" and International Emmy Award.

It seems that the world lived this year as if according to a script written for it by someone. But it would be better if we wrote this script ourselves. After all, by changing our relationships, we will influence the whole world in a positive way.

When the New Year comes, we make a variety of wishes. We wish ourselves and loved ones health, success, prosperity, happiness. What do we want for the world? Of course, we want there to be no wars, no famine and no pandemics. Wishing all this, in principle, is very good, but it will not happen by itself if we all do not make an effort.

On the eve of the coming 2023, let's promise each other to show respect, not to conflict, not to feel hostility, to be fair, kind, caring. Let's finally let love grow between us! And then we won't have to fight cataclysms, lose relatives and friends, take care of the wounded, we won't have to invent sophisticated artificial limbs, we won't have to solve the problems of hunger and poverty, or defend ourselves against terrorists.

Let's wish ourselves and each other a new beautiful world in which we will live all together and each for the benefit of each! Peace of beauty, tranquility and love!


  1. We wish everyone to SURVIVE! As in the song: “if the wounds are small ...” Let's all together want peace on the whole Earth and pray for it.

  2. We wish prosperity, well-being to the whole world, so that without wars and cataclysms, so that the next year becomes happy and truly kind for all people on earth.

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