The happiness of mutual understanding


Scientists have found that the human brain is specially adapted to function in society. Apparently this happened as a result of natural selection, when those whose brains were able to interact with the surrounding society turned out to be more suitable for survival. Therefore, scientists advise : if you want to feel good, feel happy and be in an environment conducive to your development, you need to maintain positive relationships with others and spend more time with friends and family.

Social exclusion or communication that is unpleasant for a person is stress for the body. Alienation is usually due to selfishness.

It is known that through healthy egoism a child learns the world, and an adult finds his place in life. What about unhealthy selfishness?

Selfishness is like the desire of an old woman with a broken trough: to rule over a goldfish, i.e. - above all. If selfishness takes hypertrophied forms, then this manifests itself in conflicts at different levels, destroying the world with wars .

People protest against the behavior of an egoist in their environment, but this is not always possible. For example, egoists in power know how to severely suppress the opposition.

The opposite of selfishness is altruism . Altruists are happy. This can be compared to the feeling when parents are happy for their children. To be happy means to feel that you bring pleasure to others, make them happy.

It turns out that there is a rating of countries according to the level of happiness. Basically, this rating determines the material condition of citizens. But in Tibet there is the state of Bhutan , which differs from all countries also in that the measure of the quality of life in it is determined by gross national happiness. There is a Ministry of Happiness in the state! In the first place in Bhutan are not material goods, but moral and spiritual values. The religion here is Buddhism, and people walk around in national clothes.

Today more and more people are in search of happiness. How to find it?

First, it should be the discovery that a person is an egoist, and all his desires, actions, thoughts are directed at himself. Otherwise he feels miserable. With such a concept, the world will remain the same, if at all. It is important to understand that, wishing happiness for oneself, it is necessary to develop a new property - absolute concern for others. And to accept the idea that it is worth wishing happiness to others, that this is an intention both in thoughts and in my actions - all with goodness.

Happiness will surely come if a person does something for someone, begins to thank with love for every little thing. When care is feasible, sincere, it causes a state of creativity, and therefore brings joy. Naturally, in order for everyone to achieve good, people need to unite. And nature responds to any effort by the fact that we suddenly feel more forces, and even behave more rationally, since everything in nature is interconnected.

Today, people spend a lot of energy for themselves. However, caring for others gives a person strength, happiness. The Integral Method also says that our actions create a field that resonates in us with qualities similar to our actions.

This will be the real restructuring of man - to become an altruist in the name of the good of all mankind. Then it will be easier for him to enter the world of good.


  1. The author wrote that the world of happiness is equal to the world of altruims... Our material altruism will never lead to the happiness of all earthlings because it is not the altruism that is needed for happiness, not true...

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