Are we not slaves?


Remember the phrase from the first Soviet alphabet: “We are not slaves, we are dumb slaves”? Is it so? It would be more correct to say that a man and a slave and a master are all rolled into one. And the owner is his egoism, controlling consciousness, feelings, emotions, desires. Everything belongs to him, and nothing belongs to man. Man's only right is to work for his master. Egoism exploits a person in the most gross way, and he satisfies all his needs. He has the power to permit and forbid, to indicate, command, reject and hate.

Are we satisfied with this state of affairs? The slave system has become obsolete a long time ago (in the sense of being a social system). But our personal device still cannot part with it. Egoism urges the brain and heart and directs them only to seek the pleasures that it itself inspires them.

Also, he is very resourceful. The pleasure center is closely related to the emotional memory center. This connection is responsible for pleasant memories. So they motivate us to repeat those actions that caused a feeling of pleasure and happiness. These include mainly food and sex . But these are desires inherent in nature and we need them to continue our existence.

And there are those that are not laid down by nature. They are imposed on us by our egoism. These include the desire for power, fame and knowledge. Selfishness instills in a person that it is good that at any moment one can be freed from slavery, but, unfortunately, not many people go free.

Another insatiable desire of our slave owner is money. This is something you can never get enough of. Having learned the taste of money, selfishness makes you work up to a sweat, forgetting about everything in the world, even about your closest ones, or steal, lie, substitute, dodge. Enslaving a person, he has another cunning property - to enslave those who are nearby, forcing him to work for his irrepressible interest. Having become a slave to money, a person experiences bliss in this captivity and does not even think about freedom.

Selfishness has many tricks. Not subjugating himself with one thing, he will find a dozen ways to seduce with something else.

Power. Many seek it. In fact, who needs this headache? But selfishness constantly whispers: “You are better, you are higher than others. You can command, demand, subdue, bend and even destroy!”

It is difficult for a person to resist such “compliments”. And now, he is already walking over the heads of others, driven by his master.

What about knowledge? Why do we tend to study, cognize, analyze, comprehend sciences? We boast of our achievements, we consider ourselves unsurpassed, we push away those who are no match for us.

Why? Well, how! This is also a kind of enslavement. In an effort to fill ourselves with all sorts of knowledge as much as possible, we leave less and less space for the soul, we force it out of ourselves. We do exactly what the owner requires of us. He is much calmer without a soul, and we are much more submissive without a soul.

The same thing happens with popularity. This passion has turned into a disease, an obsession. From a young age, a person passionately desires to become popular, to be talked about, shown on TV. Who is pushing him to do this? Well, of course, selfishness: “Do whatever you want, just think less about the meaning of life!”

And so, a rather dismal picture emerges. We are uncomplaining slaves of our selfishness, which has become stronger, has grown, and completely commands us. And one has only to squeak something like: "Leave us at least a little bit of freedom ..." - as he immediately has a thousand arguments to pacify us.

In the yard of the XXI century, and we are still in slavery .... Strange, isn't it? Are we good there? Is there really no way out of this situation? Maybe we should unite and declare a protest against him, start fighting him?

Do not listen to his arguments, rise above him. Turn everything around to make him our slave. We have served him for so many years - now let him serve us.

It is worth starting with the form of human relationships, educating ourselves, looking at life with different eyes, through the glasses of mutual respect, unity, care and good relations. Then, over time, humanity will achieve freedom and independence from its egoistic nature. And then, perhaps, this wild slavery of our human nature, which led to hatred, hostility and disunity, we can replace with the nature of love.


  1. Let the heart of every person be filled with concern for the world to become harmonious.
    The article calls us to good relations between people.

  2. A very topical article! Everything is correctly written, only examples of people who have conquered their own egoism are not given ...

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