Should a woman work?


There is a nursery across the street from my house. In the morning, when I go to work, I watch young mothers “turn in” their children to this institution. Infants between the ages of three months and two years. Clutching hands, feet, and teeth into their mothers, they struggle to separate from their parents for the day.

I get home from work at four o’clock – the kids are being sorted out by that time. It turns out that most of the day, and therefore childhood, babies spend not with their mothers.

I recently observed a story like this. A mother picked up her child from day care. She walks in front, and he, barely keeping up, is following her.

– Go faster, I don’t have time,” she says irritably.

– Where is it? – whimpering baby.

– Who?

– Time.

– No, it’s over.

– Did we eat it?

I was ready to laugh, but the mother grabbed the child by the arm and dragged him across the road.

I felt bitter. After an 8-hour workday, she had neither the patience nor the energy to answer her child’s questions.

And so, I ask myself and you: should a woman work?

Opinions, of course, are divided. Those who are “for” will call a woman a slacker if she wants to devote herself to her family and children. Those who are “against” will consider her selfish because she chose a career.

It turns out that the woman is never right. Either she’s a house slut or a cuckoo who drops her chicks off to whomever she can.

Stop! Let’s figure it out! Is it a woman’s fault when life or the laws of the land put her in front of a fact? Either her husband’s salary does not allow her to stay at home. Or, for example, one feels sorry for the years spent on higher education, and the choice is made to go to work.

A woman works on an equal footing with a man. But why? In another case, a woman sacrifices herself to her family. Yes, yes, a sacrifice, I didn’t misspell.

Housekeeping and childcare are rarely considered jobs. And in fact, it’s hard work.

I think it is necessary to find a golden mean.

Today, unemployment has risen to 40%. This means that it is enough that only men work, and they should be paid a lot more. A man, as the head of the family, should feel like a breadwinner. Women should be relieved of their work. From work, not from a salary.

Her housework should be rated as highly skilled. It is a woman’s hard and responsible job to give birth, nurture, and further move humanity, generation after generation.

A woman under such conditions will have time for herself and her husband, and hobbies, and, for that matter, for a short, for example, 2-3-hour workday, exclusively for their own pleasure. It is for such cases that there should be a crèche, so that you can leave your child there under supervision for a few hours.

I’m sure that such a family would be much stronger and healthier. Mom will respond calmly to the child’s questions. Everyone will be happy to greet Daddy from work.

It turns out that it is not bad at all if we go back to our origins and act in accordance with the nature of the world and our own nature and not invent anything else.

A strong, healthy, loving family is so beautiful! What do you think?

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