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Haggy Waggy

We are all loving parents or grandparents. One of the manifestations of our love is to buy everything for the child. That's all. Not what is needed, but whatever it wants.

I mean toys . We're just giving away our kids. Whether this is good or bad, I don’t know, and I’m not going to argue with anyone. The question is different. What toys do we buy for children?

Of course, the world is changing rapidly: technology, technology, film industry, animation, computer games. And children are no longer the same as, say, 50 years ago. They easily pronounce the names of new cartoon characters that we cannot remember.

And those, in turn, quickly migrate to enterprising firms and settle on store shelves in the form of toys.

Recently I decided to visit my granddaughter and, of course, asked what gift she wanted. Granddaughter asked for Huggy Waggi . I didn't ask too many questions. The store asked for a toy. The saleswoman brought me a fur monster. Incomprehensible eyes looked at me. Sharp, crooked teeth protruded through the open mouth. It had a short body and disproportionately long limbs.

I had to check with my daughter whether this is what the granddaughter wants. It turned out that yes. And, besides, you need to buy both blue and raspberry, because this is a boy and a girl, and they are friends. I bought without further questions. After all, the child wants. At home, I still asked on the Internet where these ugly characters came from.

It turned out huggy wuggy literally means "to hug". At first, a hero with this name was in a computer game. He was a kind and positive character. But at the factory where he was produced, some strange experiments were carried out, as a result of which this character turned into a monster with unnaturally long limbs and a huge mouth with shark teeth. His character has also changed. He became aggressive. Attacking the players, hugged them tightly, almost soul.

The toy looks both funny and scary. Maybe this is the secret of her popularity with children?

But let's see. What is the role of the toy? Interacting with the toy, the child develops and is brought up.

I remember toys from my childhood. Princess dolls that we fed, dressed up, bathed, rocked in strollers (such little mothers!). My daughter played with Barbie. For many girls, she has become a symbol of beauty. They wanted to be like her.

Then everything started to get distorted. Bratz dolls with a disproportionate short body and a huge head. Miniature LOL dolls (LOL) with a tiny body and big eyes. And in parallel, Furby, zombie dolls, robots, spider-man, dinosaurs, alien monsters, etc.

What can they teach children? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something?

The granddaughter happily accepted the gift. And in the evening, when she laid the monsters next to her on the pillow, I could not stand it and asked if she was scared. The answer surprised me.

“They are good, kind, they just spoiled. They will hug me tightly, and I them. It is necessary that they understand that they are loved, then they will turn back into good ones.

I looked at my sweetly sleeping granddaughter and thought: they have some other program in their heads. They perceive this world differently. Could I treat someone who is angry, irritable, unpleasant, unattractive? Could I understand and accept that everything can be changed if I change my attitude? See the good in the bad?

And so I would like to see something good in monsters and villains. Give them a chance to change from my love, in my arms!

I went to kiss my granddaughter. She was fast asleep. Huggy Waggi smiled sweetly at me.

My understanding of them has changed. Scary toys somehow develop empathy in children, and they accept that appearance does not always determine the character's personality.

My granddaughter taught me a good lesson. I could not sleep for a long time, remembering her words. Does this mean that together we can “fix” the character of people if we love them, make friends with them and play good games?

What happens? A child with his attitude can turn a scary toy into a kind creature. How much our children are able to be friends, empathize and help others!

This good example shows that everything depends on our attitude. Love a person and he will become kind. We adults still don't get it.


  1. How interesting!: We are thinking about schools of life for our children, we want to include spiritual knowledge in new schools in addition to intellectual knowledge. It turns out that today's children can teach us to love another person, even if he is ugly, alien, strange. Of course, not all children are like this, but this story pleases.
    Thanks a lot to the author.

  2. Children, perhaps, will teach adults kindness, acceptance of a person not by appearance and what he is wearing ...

  3. The new generation takes the world differently. My daughter once told me that her friend has a cat that has no paw. So I exclaimed the poor cat. To which the daughter answered mom, he is not poor, he is happy.
    Thanks for the interesting article 😍

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