"I'm reaching out to give back"

give away

It happens that we blame others for the fact that the relationship does not work out the way we would like. What is the reason? Let's look at ourselves, remember how our mood changed when the children were growing up - were we perfect? It is difficult for us to list all the slightest movements of the heart that occur in us. We often make mistakes, but our ego always justifies itself. But does the wisdom of life come at once?

Time passes, and the result of our actions is visible. Of course, we would like the best. We remember that we tried, we got tired, we were nervous, we didn’t have enough strength. Not everything worked out, not every flower blossomed, not all of our worries were appreciated, we were upset, offended, and even angry. Any negativity is those poisons that poison us, and we get sick from our own uncontrolled thoughts.

The advantage is that suffering pushes us to look for reasons why something happened wrong, and we think, compare .... And gradually we find teachers who give us knowledge about what is the power of our own intention, which is unconscious, but it can be made conscious. It also helps to control emotions.

In the first case, we are attached to those to whom we gave our time and strength the most. We are immersed in the desire to receive a response, respect, gratitude. If there is no reciprocity, then we are upset.

In the second case, when there is a conscious intention, the range of knowledge about the laws of the universe is already wider. I try to observe my desires, thoughts, I look over selfishness. Increasingly, I am moving away from the spontaneous manifestation of emotions, tk. my goal is to control intention in myself.

Gradually, there is a realization that the cultivation of relationships at all levels is a constant, painstaking effort, its base is a conscious intention.

The poet Sara Pogreb writes poems addressed to Zinovy Gerdt .


Happier and sadder everyone.

And the sky is waving a blue flag

And calling melancholy is just a sin

Impulsive this traction.

I reach out to give.

Share nebulae.

And superstitiously guess

What if it hurts, then it lasts?

Amazing creativity of the soul, when a desire was naturally formed in the heart: “I reach out to give!”

This intention has become a natural nature acquired by human nature.

How beautifully one word “reach out” expresses the immense gratitude of a talented poet to a talented actor for the possibility of high communication.

Of course, the training of conscious intention and the accumulation of such experience occurs gradually. But suddenly a miracle happens, the long-awaited result is joy.

Now I understand the most important life rule: the child needs my understanding of the meaning of life . Then he will feel protection, understanding, he will not need to be specially taught respect, this will happen naturally, because. he will be happy in the field of realizing spirituality. Also, old parents will be happy if they feel that they are loved.

And so it is with everyone: when the intention is conscious, everyone shows their best qualities. Therefore, the effort to be in a conscious intention is the strength of the spirit, manifested in care - it will certainly unite hearts.

Having removed attachment, where selfishness rules, there remains lightness, calmness and the joy of caring for each other. In this state of joy, the expenditure of energy is minimal. We are slowly realizing that caring for others is very beneficial for everyone.

Just as I want love, happiness , justice, every person wants the same, I remember that. And so it is necessary to treat others the way I want to be treated. There are so many important things in this postulate - both respect for small children, and respect for the elderly, for the whole environment, for nature. This is gratitude to the universe for understanding the interconnections in the world.

Marvelous! If I change my spontaneous intention to a conscious one, then the world is colored with a rainbow, which I want to give to everyone.


  1. The desire to do good to others is brought up in a family from an early age, even if the family is incomplete and the parents have a different attitude towards the upbringing and maintenance of the child. It is important that the baby feels care, love and learns to share with others first toys, then sweets and other things he loves. When in the USSR it was impossible to buy such beautiful things, toys for children, parents and grandparents made a lot of things with their own hands, even altered the clothes of the older ones for the younger ones, and still the children grew up happy and caring. !

  2. The article is important, relevant and necessary for everyone. We so often fall short of the bestowal...

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