Don’t be afraid to say “I love you!”


“I need you… I can’t do without you… I respect you… You mean a lot to me…” – there are many such phrases.

But what is holding us back? Why are we so afraid of the word love? We don’t want to open our hearts, are we afraid of becoming vulnerable? Fear grips us, and our tongue sticks to the sky, and we are no longer able to pronounce the word.

Perhaps the reason is our innate selfishness. We love ourselves more than anyone else.

But it’s not just that. More often than not, this restraint is caused by a harsh upbringing in the family. Parents mistakenly believe that too much affection and love makes us weak, vulnerable, or too spoiled. And this is a bitter misconception.

In kindergartens and schools, this word does not exist in the encouraging vocabulary at all. And even more so in the workforce.

It turns out that man is deprived from his birth until he leaves this indifferent world. In addition, we substitute love with care. We believe that by meeting a person’s needs, we show love to that person. We feed a hungry man, give him a glass of water to quench his thirst, offer him a bed for the night, give him advice, help him with money….

But it’s all just a shell of love. In this feeling lies priceless wisdom, a deep inner essence, something spiritual.

In every family the display of feelings should be obligatory. But it is necessary not only to feel love, but also to talk about it.

What about us? How often do we tell our family and friends we love them? Once a week, once a year for your birthday? Or don’t talk at all? Shy….

But we are perfectly comfortable using this word in conversations about other things: I love this movie, a book, a song, clothes, a dish….

Words of love dramatically change the way we view the world. We become braver, more vigorous, more confident, more joyful, ready to do good deeds, to give people good things. Words of love give us strength, they make it easier for us to cope with any obstacle.

It is always necessary to talk about love, because I love you – these are the magic words.

People are really looking forward to these words. They miss them so much. They help settle a quarrel. Take the first step towards me, say, “I love you!”

Call your mom for no reason at all and tell her, “I love you, Mommy. You’ll make her healthier, won’t you?

Don’t forget, when asking your child about things at school, to add, “I love you so much!”

Leave a note on the fridge for your husband: “I love you, darling. You will give him wings for the day!

These three simple words brighten up our gray lives, motivate us, and mobilize our hidden resources.

Even medics call for talking about love more often, awakening phenylethylamine, the “love molecule,” which causes emotional satisfaction, stabilizes blood pressure and all the important processes in the body, even the metabolism.

Let it become a habit with us. There are two forces in nature – the force of attraction and the force of repulsion.

Words of love attract people, unite them, enrich their emotions.

Learning to talk about love means building the right connection with the one you love. It helps to fill his desires to bring him pleasure.

“Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you!”

To those who are dear to you infinitely!

For we are not eternal in this world .

Always on the edge, on the edge” (Evgenia Sharova)

Don’t skimp on your feelings! Say the words of love as often as possible! It will also make your life more joyful, brighter, happier and more radiant.

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