Magic World of Mercy


We were often told in childhood that it is good to help, to sympathize. And later life showed the opposite - that it is smart to live for yourself. And there was a crash. These two ideas did not find unity, and today the world continues to conflict at all levels of social life.

We see that we lack compassion, understanding, interaction in love. How to develop these qualities?

Many years passed, and, having found like-minded people, I began to understand that in this environment you can find the answer.

The circle of such communication, where everyone wants to understand the other, helps to practice the awareness of unity. In this moment, there is no concern for the past and the future. There is empathy and empathy. With them, there is no reflection on your beloved, but there is an intention to create something in common. The reaction of the heart, the soul, the intention to help is manifested. And when a common interaction happens, joy flows in a stream, like in children, but already consciously.

The next step is like in a fairy tale "The Golden Key" : a secret door opens with a creak, which leads to a real, loving heart, which has been silent until now. Once upon a time this door was slammed by worries, misunderstanding….

The world begins to unfold, in which there are no fears. It consists of many good connections between different elements, between people, between all the components of a beautiful picture of the Universe.

Returning to your essence is simple and at the same time not at all easy. Having taken the first step in my heart and mind, I observe the first impressions - how good every moment is!

If the habitual brain slows me down, reminding me of past habits, then awareness increasingly prompts me to turn on the intention to be in a moment of mercy to others. The work of such a plan, first of all, removes just anger, although it resists.

The process has begun; it is easier to move on to acceptance of yourself and other people. I begin to observe, to feel that everything around is a living whole organism, that space is filled with a cobweb of living connections, which scientists call the material world, but this is a thin, invisible world of neural fields.

The erroneous attitudes of childhood and everything that was accepted from society before leave one after another. The heart becomes warmer, kinder.

The state of rest increasingly helps to understand that the time spent in the ego-consciousness took a lot of strength. There is a feeling of gratitude for everything.

The path continues, it becomes clear that problems should not be cherished, they have already completed their mission. It is now possible to ask for the opportunity to help others, including the intent of the heart.

I remember the words of Albert Einstein: "I know that I know nothing." He said, most likely, that his education was not of paramount importance, because. he realized that there is a more significant power - the power of intention, the power of the soul, which does not need diplomas.

The more we are attached to something or someone, the more the living heart closes, the world becomes empty, the colors fade, there is no constant joyful saturation.

Connecting with other people saves energy, calms the mind.

If I manage to be in the “here and now” moment, then in this state I catch the joy that I want to share.

It turns out that we ourselves are wizards and can build a magical world of happiness. For this, very little is needed - only the caring intention of thought to find itself in the name of the common good.

The world, which used to be broken into pieces, is now being restored in my understanding.

If we say that Nature is love, then the intention to live in mercy opens for us a source of constant light.

Is it not enough to discover true compassion in yourself? Isn't that the true nature of love?


  1. I agree with the author of this article. Those people who have found such an environment are already happy.

  2. Of course, the doors to our hearts, under the influence of all kinds of life drinking, open with great difficulty. The hinges have rusted from the fact that they have been motionless for many years. You need to find this magic lubricant in yourself that will remove rust. Get nobility, compassion, understanding, care, mercy from the depths of your Self. Then, indeed, the door will open. First with a creak, then without effort.

  3. An amazing article that proposes to reveal an unknown world, supposedly existing, but not felt by us in all its depth and uniqueness.
    Of course, on a date with Nature, a responsive attitude to one’s neighbor caused an internal state of fullness, self-sufficiency, joy from being involved in something whole, bright, universal

  4. How to come to this? So loving, compassionate, caring? When there are so many problems, worries, routines around. But I believe that if you really want to, you can find the strength to rise above this world, find the path that will lead you to this. Thanks to the author, low bow.

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