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I have always considered the monarchy a relic of the past. Something outdated, unnecessary, archaic, not worthy of existence in the modern world. We live in the 21st century! A democratic state is the most suitable form of government for me, where elections take place and everyone has the right to vote. But all these dynasties, heirs to the throne, queens - the Middle Ages.

I sincerely wondered why, to this day, there are countries in which kings and queens have remained, even if only as a tradition. Meaning? That's why Japan needs Emperor Naruhito , Spain - King Philip IV, and the British Kingdom - Elizabeth II ?

Back in the 18th century The Great French Revolution gave the world the beautiful slogan "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity". This slogan has become a key one for mankind. How many revolutions swept the world over the next couple of centuries .... The abolition of monarchies and the reorganization of the political system towards democracy, the power of the people.

But recently I read an interview with Mark Huston, editor of the British edition of Royalty Magazine . He said an interesting thing: it turns out that the monarchy is like a focal point for the four countries of the Kingdom. It unites all residents and does not allow parties to divide them. And I thought: but there is something in this.

I live in Israel. This is a democratic state, but lately we are like the British flag - our society is torn apart. Many parties, who is right, who is left, who is in the middle. And everyone is right, and everyone knows what is best for everyone.

It got to the point of absurdity. We went to the polls in April 2019, then in September 2019, and then again in March 2020. They chose, they chose, but they still couldn’t choose. I then laughed that soon we would go to the polls as a job. Social media was bursting with hatred. I got tired of these disputes and deleted all Facebook groups. It just became impossible.

It's 2022 and nothing has changed. The next elections are in November. My husband asked me: “Well, shall we go to the polls?” I replied, "Well, of course." His next question made me laugh. "How many times?" Stop the Earth, I'll get off.

Let's get back to our monarchy. For example, specifically, the reign of Elizabeth II fell on a difficult time of the collapse of the empire, decolonization. But, despite this, she remained a symbol that connects the countries of the Commonwealth. Apparently, the most important thing was - a leader who can unite people.

In her first speech, Elizabeth said this: “I declare to you all that my whole life, whether long or short, will be devoted to serving you ...” . Indeed, she always served only her people. Everything she says, does, everything for him and for him, and not for herself.

And now in politics everyone tries to stay in power and does not think about what ordinary people really need. Here everyone has something to learn from Elizabeth II, and there is something to think about. We Israelis, torn apart by different parties, cannot even dream of such unity or equality.

I'm not saying that we should now change the political system towards a monarchy, but we have a lot to learn and something to think about. After all, the British crown unites states around itself as a symbol, as something common, one for all.

How can we find something that will really unite us, unite us into one people? So that each of us understands that he is part of something in common, one. To have a goal, how to live and develop further, all together. How to come to such unity ?


  1. The idea of a community of people is not new, but it is the main one, and with a good president and with a monarch, a single people creates their own state!

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