"Which have not be avoided?"

what to be

Often one has to hear someone's reaction to what is happening: "What will be, will not be avoided." We perceive this as a manifestation of stupidity, passivity, indifference, fatalism.

There are many similar sayings in oral folk art. For example: “My hut is on the edge - I don’t know anything”, “It’s written like that”.

Such an attitude to life situations characterizes human nature very simply - it is laziness, apathy , indifference, unwillingness to change something for the better, to avoid a tragic end.

People with such a position in life are sure that they are surrounded only by lies, injustice, anger, violence . They give up, thus showing that the struggle is meaningless, "come what may."

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Of course, we are all different, and the degree of vital activity we have is different. However, letting everything take its course is a mistaken position. That short moment of life that is allocated to us should be used to the maximum. There is always an opportunity to influence something, to change the situation.

Passivity is becoming more and more a style of behavior. A person withdraws into himself and does not let anyone into the area of his sensations. When you deal with such an inactive, lack of initiative, indifferent person, you just boil with indignation. But the most dangerous thing is that the influence of these people very quickly spreads to the rest. And it is already very difficult to move them to any actions.

You should try to help such people, not get annoyed with them, do not argue with them, proving something. They need to be pulled out of indifference and indifference, to return to them the joy of life, faith in a better outcome.

But how? What can be done? Indeed, in response, you often stumble upon misunderstanding and even aggression.

Such a person needs to be shown that he is not alone and is not indifferent to us. That everyone is important in their own way and did not come into this world by chance. That only together we can solve any problem. And then the forces for action will gradually begin to wake up in him, his inner potential will be revealed. And it is unlimited for each of us.

Passivity will gradually give way to activity. The circle of acquaintances, friends, like-minded people will expand. Perhaps new interests, goals, and most importantly, a desire to influence the world around us, changing it for the better, will appear.

Here it is important to understand for ourselves and to explain to those whom we decided to help that we can only cope with any task together. Only when we are together, we can do everything.


  1. We are like a broken vase, we do not believe in our capabilities, in the power of unity. This needs to be told, and even better taught, as knowledge about the health of society. It is important that we learn how to properly use our opportunities to be happy together.

  2. To decide to be together and solve problems together, we still have to decide. Of course, for this there must be a healthy environment of like-minded people, even those who are in a virtual connection with you.

  3. It is very difficult for a pessimist to tune in to the possibility of overcoming obstacles in life, believing in a better outcome. And here like-minded people can really help, who by their example will show him how, without giving up, you can go through life, cope with all the difficulties and be a happy person.

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