learning to love

be in love

A person is born, and the first whom he begins to perceive with all his senses is his mother. Complete trust - on the part of the child, an endless desire to give all of yourself - on the part of the mother. This is how the feeling of love is born.

This lesson is given to us by nature. For the safety of a kitten, a cat is able to attack a lion, a bird leads a kite away from the nest at the cost of its own life. But that's all.

Further themselves. You must discover for yourself what love is .

We rush through life in order to grope and attract this finest fiber, the memory of the warmth of which has been preserved from childhood. In this search, everyone is alone. Or maybe selfish?

At school, literature, history, and sometimes other subjects can tell about the views and deeds of great people in the name of this strongest feeling. But, alas, there is no exact explanation of this phenomenon or rules, instructions for its reproduction between adults.

How good it is when you find yourself in a society similar to you - kindred spirits. But this fleeting connection, new hobbies and twists of fate take us away, leaving only a wonderful memory of the time spent together.

In the "bottom line" by the middle of life, we are completely exhausted in search of such a treasure we need. The concepts of “we”, “together”, “on an equal footing”, “for everyone” are replaced over time with “mine”, “want”, “me”, “about me”. We demand a return from others, becoming angry when it is demanded or taken from us, and from us.

"Do you like fish?"

"I love".

"Then kiss her..."

Exactly so humanity has gone in the understanding of love.

We do not know whom to love, how to love, why to love and what love is.

Even in the air one can feel how humanity lacks this real feeling. In every sphere of life, in every plexus of relationships, concepts, renewal of the correct connections between us is required.

Change love for me for love for everyone.

You need to learn to love .

Let's learn to love.


  1. I agree, really communication between people is far from perfect. I remember an article where it was said that people develop gradually, and an example was given with theft.
    First, people steal openly, then they steal when no one sees them, and only after that comes the stage when a person wants to be honest with his conscience. Thus, our connections, the first steps in building relationships, when we only want to receive attention, later we can give something ourselves, and only at the third stage nothing for ourselves, but everything else. So the process is...

  2. And let's try to get this special power, Love comes and does not ask if I want to love, but when it is not there, you will have to ask that you be able to love by giving. The poet Yaroslav Smelyakov said very correct words; “It’s not scary if they suddenly stop loving you, it’s much worse when you stop loving” ...

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