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Commentary (lat. commentārius - notes, notes, interpretation) - explanations to the text, reasoning, comments about something or on the Internet - to the post (message). Sounds very calm and harmless. But how many emotions are born in the discussion of this or that article or post! The information octopus grows its tentacles in all spheres of perception and receives an emotional return. Comments are the most up-to-date process of sending emotions to the air-internet space.

Of course, any author of any article would like either a positive reaction, well, or at least none. But today it is a luxury. Today, it is not enough to convey a message, a thought, dressing it in an artistic word; it is necessary to withstand the hail of discontent and emotional outburst - "to take a hit."

Why is it so important for us to speak out, declare, refute or enthusiastically respond, or - what's worse - "sling mud"?

We have ceased to hear each other, which means that the lack of information exchange is growing.

From time to time I see a picture of conversations between two people. It seems they are talking, but in reality, their impressions are being squeezed into the interlocutor, to whom they are of little interest - but quickly, so that he does not have time to open his mouth. We don't hear, and they don't hear us. And the ego is looking for an outburst.


The Internet depersonalizes and makes it possible from around the corner to insert your important opinion, correction, holy indignation or admiring comment (a person who, in ordinary life, sometimes cannot be reached). The least we think about is the author. A person who tried to give a part of himself, his vision, knowledge or fantasy, not hiding under faceless "nicknames". And now the article turns into a dialogue, and even a quarrel, and even persecution. The main idea that I read is forgotten. I wonder what Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy would say if he found himself in a situation with comments from different “goblin 999” or “kisulya” or ...? Probably nothing.

Our ego grows, penetrating into all spheres of life, it turns us inside itself. Can we stop it, tame it, or rise above it? Time will tell, but we must try.


  1. You can’t write a comment on a comment, everything is said correctly. But without comments, it’s not at all clear whether the article affected at least someone ... It’s good that “likes” and emoticons were invented and the number of people who entered and viewed the post was being viewed, otherwise there would be no feedback.

  2. And for this there is only one treatment - to turn misfortunes on us to such an extent that we begin to notice in them that they are not an accident, but are a reliable Control of the Creator assigned to us by the Law of the Universe, the Law of integral unification among themselves in Love and bestowal - sacrificing one's individualism in favor of one's neighbor, and a complete union with the whole World !!!!

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