"Our children will live better than us!"


"Our children will live better than us!" The generation of the 70s in childhood heard this phrase quite often on the radio, later on TVs and, of course, from their parents. Then the Soviet people were sure that we would come to communism, there were few who doubted it. They started from October, then they were accepted as pioneers (“Pioneer is an example for all the guys”; “Pioneer, you are responsible for everything!”). The next step is the Komsomol. And the rise of patriotism and consciousness was completed by the Soviet people in the Communist Party. We - the seventies - did not have time to join the party. But the path to happiness was explained to us, and it was banal to the point of simplicity: party, work, honesty.

All gone with the 90s. The iron curtain was opened, and fat capitalism with new dogmas and values poured into Russia. What a delicious colored round chewing gum, what beautiful things were in the magazine "Burda fashion"! Cigarettes, liqueurs and various delights in mind-blowing packaging. And all this fell on our virginal perception. Here it is happiness - to have everything you want! We learned about the American dream and learned a new landmark - capitalism, money, God.

Yes, it all came up. Closed and forgotten churches began to operate, the system changed to a diametrically opposite one, and money became the main value. Well, happiness ... loomed somewhere behind the shop window, on the big bright screen in the cinema, in the reflection of a diamond and disappeared again. The conviction that our children will live better has vanished into thin air. And not because the poor got poorer and the rich got richer. Not because apartments were no longer handed out for free, and mortgages became lifelong. And not even because the main universal disease has become a mental illness called depression. Why? It seems that there are many, many reasons, and each person has his own non-trivial answer. Or maybe there is only one cause, and everything else is a consequence?

Humanity has hit a wall. For some reason, the phrase comes to mind: "the tops do not want, the bottoms cannot." We cannot change the imposed guidelines, but we do not want to live like this. Everyone individually tries to build their own small or greater individual happiness! Solve your problems, inflict good on your mink, periodically suffocate from the race in the wheel, into which you yourself jumped and began to spin faster and faster. And what will we leave for posterity? Walls, cars, money. And will that make them happy?

We need new guidelines that would unite all of humanity, and there would be no loneliness. The realization of personal potentials would cease to be personal, all the established notions of enrichment would shift, there would appear a meaning that we are all so stubbornly looking for - the meaning of life.

I would like to leave to our descendants our childhood, which passed in a state of community with what is happening in the country, in a state of integrity in the family and friendship with a large number of friends. Friends, with whom we all go to school, and to summer camp, and “steal” apples from someone else’s dacha, and draw a wall newspaper. We were happy there. We, not me.


  1. "We, not me.."
    There are so many important things in this, we were made obedient zombies, believing every word in the media, teachers who were often the same zombies. We were told that we were brothers, but no nationality had the right to live the way it wanted. Since childhood, we have been Octobrists, pioneers, etc. ready-made zombies for those who quietly lived in their own interests, fooling our brains. Only with the collapse of the USSR, I began to think that each person can choose where to live, what language to learn. Any nationality has the right to live according to its traditions, because they are on their own land. And only the freedom of rights can unite people to be together, respecting the individual, respecting each individual people. Then each "I" will be free. "We".

  2. We have built the material world and it's pretty good. now you need to start building the spiritual world.

  3. We were fed with chewing gum and burgers, saturated with GMO products, taking away almost everything natural, dressed in bright and varied synthetics, showed us overseas countries and brought discord between people, making some of them the richest on enterprises and raw materials stolen by privatization, and others were shown their corner, taking what was drawn in equality in our heads. We began to live in a wretched society, even though the nest was renovated, but the brotherhood was gone. Will we come to the realization of which path we should all take in order to start building a better society for the happiness of at least our grandchildren?

  4. Thank you for the article ! Egoism has grown to the limit and rushes to extremes, now to the left, now to the right... Stubbornness to come to the correction of one's egoistic nature is the first sign of stupidity. Let's hope that humanity will "wake up" and turn to the governing Force of the entire universe.

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