Beauty will save the world?


Speaking about the spiritual path, the great sages of the world teach not to complain about the conditions in which a person is given to be, because. it is a given for its development. Someone thinks that he has the wrong partner, that he has the wrong country, work, friends.

Everyone needs to boldly look at their emotions and thoughts in order to understand their origin and learn how to manage themselves, these very feelings and thoughts.

An interesting link between the emotions of fear, anger and a sense of empathy, love.

Negative feelings are more often manifested due to a lack of love for oneself, not to mention love for others. Of course, irritation has many causes: fatigue, loneliness, and misunderstanding of loved ones. But still we can increase the positive qualities, there are not many of them.

Scientists say that, as empathy develops, the brain activates mirror neurons - understanding cells . This develops a person's "emotional intelligence".


If a person has not developed the ability of sympathy at all, then his egoism brings problems to everyone and to himself. At the same time, a person can be well educated, have a brilliant mind, but no moral principles. There are also extremes.

If there is a desire to become truly happy, then deliberation will help to start taking the first steps, because there is nothing good in anger. Anger is based on various fears. If a person sets out to understand what fears he has, what causes them, then, gradually thinking about this question, the answer will come to him.

Reflecting on the commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself”, the question arises: do I love myself? Why can't I love myself? What hindered and hindered this? Perhaps a conversation with relatives is needed, perhaps like-minded people are needed? In any case, this is the way to the answers.

There is an interesting experience: to surround yourself with beauty. This is the interior, and a beautifully decorated table for dinner, and clothes, and cosmetics. Even if a person does not want to do it for himself, he will do it for others. Thus, with the help of the environment, you can reveal the deeply hidden ability to love yourself.

Always, at any age, it is worth starting what is important to you. And as a result, love for oneself will come, love for one's neighbor will be revealed, the understanding will become obvious that beauty saves the soul and the world.


This is how spiritual beauty is cultivated at all levels, after which a person cannot hurt another being, he can no longer irresponsibly build relationships, cannot go to war against other peoples. In this he feels free, brave, honest, responsible and very beautiful.

Taking the first steps in thinking, gradually accepting the reason in the heart and mind, comes the realization of past life situations, why someone behaved inappropriately in the past. Then empathy, sympathy, forgiveness will surely appear and the lost cordiality will return. But this is a true correction, where the understanding of both sides does not destroy the negative emotions of the other person, but corrects the space, filling it with a sense of understanding, love, good communication between people.

What does the integral approach say about this? It is not necessary to think about yourself, but it is important to think about others. Gradually, little by little, rise above yourself, build a good relationship with others. And so a person will suddenly understand the root of all troubles and problems.

Try to use this skill until the end of your life in order to rise above yourself as high as possible, support like-minded people, everyone who wants to learn how to give warmth, sympathy and is ready to follow this path in order to “spread their wings and fly” together over common egoism.


  1. In any situation, you need to think about those who are nearby. This miraculously gives strength!

  2. Everyone will have to learn how to live between us, thinking that you have good communications with others; empathy is given to us for this, but everyone needs to be taught from childhood, and the elders need a method for correcting their own egoism. That's what you need to spend all the resources of countries.

  3. Really. it's time for us to spread our wings and rise above selfishness in order to change the world in the direction of the positive. kindness and concern for each other.

  4. “Negative feelings are more often manifested due to a lack of love
    to yourself…". Is it so?
    Question ? And why does science call “love” in our consumer world – the desire to fulfill one’s personal desire, does this happen automatically, instinctively? This property is called selfishness!
    Therefore, there are simply NO problems in self-love!

    There is indeed a vital Force in Nature,
    called Love, which governs the whole world.
    But “selfish love” is when I love what gives me pleasure and hate what causes me suffering.
    In this state, we are controlled by animal instincts, i.e. we love what is good for us and move away from what is not comfortable for us.
    This is not love for something or someone, but my selfish desire to enjoy what satisfies me.
    Therefore, true love has nothing to do with sex and gender..
    We need to learn to open our heart in such a way as to feel the heart of another person, to fill the desire of our neighbor, over all our selfish calculations:
    “Do I love myself? Why can't I love myself?
    To love means to satisfy your neighbor (partner, relative, just a person) without any personal interest, enjoying his joy - regardless of whether it is good or bad for me, in order to be above my personal benefit - without thinking - I love myself or not !! !!.

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