How to "take weight"

the weight

There is such a thing in sports - to take weight. You approach a barbell loaded with hundreds of kilograms of pancakes, and with three attempts you try to lift it. Probably, everyone watched powerful guys in sports tights, powdering themselves with powder to dry their hands.

With the roar of the beast, they pull these weights in a snatch, on the chest and up. The spectacle is impressive. Especially the roar escaping from the throat. The first thought is that I would never: I couldn’t, I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t do it (you choose the right one yourself). But we do.

We take weight every day of our lives.

Once we open our eyes, we begin our development. Walk, talk, think, write. It is necessary to live in society. And we take this weight without hesitation.

Further - as if we are starting to choose whether we need this or that achievement, or we will live perfectly without it. So it seems to us. Suddenly looking back, we suddenly notice with surprise that a series of events can be traced leading us along the road of fate , as if along an obstacle course. Trials temper us, educate, advance and teach. “Study, study and study” - Yes, you, Vladimir Ilyich, my friend, are a prophet!

And we live on a draft. It all seems that we will overcome the turn, and something will begin for which we lived. But for some reason, no. We are not offered to take this weight yet. The preparation is weak. Eyes half-opened, hearts half-opened, souls half-opened. So everything is ahead. We continue moving up.


  1. We’ll have to hurry, otherwise there will be one exclamation: “Oh, I didn’t have time ...”

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