The war in Ukraine is changing the world


The war in Ukraine is unlike any other war that has ever been. Although this war seems local, it is changing the world. Eventually, after all the pain, the parties will establish a new relationship. And new relationships will be established around the world. This war is the beginning of the formation of a new world order, where all parties are united against one common enemy of all mankind - selfishness. It will take time, but all participants will understand, and the whole world with them, that they are fighting not against each other, but against the enemy within themselves. If we allow this idea to take root, even a little, it will happen even sooner.

The war, which began at the end of February, will not end soon. Many more months will pass before everyone realizes that war itself, its very concept, is evil. In this sense, the war in Eastern Europe is correcting all of humanity, transforming our perception and our understanding of good and evil.

Victims, wounded and lost property - a terrible price. However, global processes are always tragic and costly. Do not think that each of us can do nothing to change the world. It is in the hands of every person to change the world for the better and make sure that the atrocities of war and all the atrocities that people inflict on each other disappear. All we need to realize is that the only enemy is within us - our selfish attitude. It turns us against each other, demonizes and vilifies everyone who disagrees with us, tells us that we are the only ones in the world who have the right to do so, and thus turns us against each other. We are all like that – infected with a pandemic of selfishness.

However, there is much we can do to change the world. First, we must recognize that there is a good reason why we are so different from each other. Each of us makes a unique contribution to the world that no one else can. If we were all the same, the contributions we receive from others and on which our lives depend would be absent, and we would not survive in the truest sense of the word.

We will understand that our ego is the enemy only when we realize that uniqueness is the wrong keyword for happiness. Today, the key word for happiness is complementarity—the mutual satisfaction of each other's material, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We live in a world where everyone depends on each other. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the appliances and gadgets we use are all made by people we don't know, in places we don't know, and reach us through ways we don't know. But if not for this chain of many unknown personalities, we would not have survived. Because we cannot provide for our own needs.

The same goes for social connections. All of our connections, communications and interactions with other people are made possible by the help of countless people who serve us without our knowledge. But if not for them, we would not be able to work or communicate.

Despite this obvious fact, we treat others with as little consideration as possible. And when we are nice or considerate, it's because we have ulterior, selfish motives. We have no prerogative to support such behavior. We destroy the world and destroy ourselves.

Back in the 1930s, the great thinker Baal HaSulam wrote an article called Peace in the World . In it, he writes: “Man by nature is born to lead a social life. Each person in society is like a gear that is connected to several other gears placed in a machine . How strange that ninety years ago, before the Second World War, the wise men already understood that we are all dependent on each other and should treat each other with respect. Just think what we could avoid if we were more attentive and open!

And now, if we do not pay attention and do not start to act as a whole, as one global society that works as one close-knit family, we are in for a disaster.

The war will change the world, but there is hope that we can change ourselves before the war changes us.


  1. In the old world, the attacking aggressor accuses the country of being on the defensive.
    It looks like the world is really waking up from a lie. When there is room for truth, then there is hope for recovery.

  2. There are no attackers or defenders, there is the Force of Nature that controls the ALL universe (including this war) !!
    There is selfishness that tries to use the whole world for its own sake... Giving marks and labeling the Higher Management (who is the aggressor and who is unfortunate) is cheap selfishness.. It's time to rise above your cleverness, stop blaming anyone for the conflict.
    If understanding does not come, then Nature has only one treatment (correction) for this - to turn misfortunes on all of us to such an extent that we begin to notice in them that they are not an accident, but are a reliable Higher Management assigned to us for uniting among themselves - sacrificing their individualism (lousy egoism) in favor of the world community, for the sake of consolidation throughout the World!

  3. We still have not changed, otherwise we would understand that natural disasters, pandemics, wars are pushing us all to war with ourselves with our own egoism. If he corrected himself, then it would not be necessary to force us to start a struggle inside everyone with such severe suffering, asking natural forces for help.

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