"White crow"

White crow

There is such a little forgotten expression - "white crow". How many emotions and associations it evokes. There is no person who would have nothing to remember about this - from his childhood, his children or acquaintances.

One way or another, the experience of rejection by the environment is familiar to everyone. During my school years, this was especially painful. You are either with the crowd - or an outcast. And the problem is not solved by a simple equation - to be with everyone. Everyone is looking not for society, but for their own. The white crow is looking for a flock of its white crows.

Sometimes the search is delayed. We go through and pass through a great many circles of interest. Somewhere we linger, from some we run away.

White crow

Unfortunately or fortunately, life is not static; and even having found for ourselves a convenient, pleasant, thinking with you in the same direction or carried away by the same thing as you, the society, we lose it. The search begins again, already deeper. Each time we complicate our task, demanding common cause, then agreement of interests, similarity of morals and, finally, spiritual unity.

The last one is the hardest. Some reach Tibet in search of the "lost ark". They meditate, keep silent and do not eat for several days, wash the altars and indulge in various spiritual practices. You can search endlessly. But what is this search for?

Are we looking for the lost or the new? In yourself or in others? Science or soul? Because we feel bad, sad, empty?

All together, I guess.

We are looking for: ourselves in others; your best in others; the best of others in oneself; the best of the best?

All together, I guess.

There is only one thing left - to place yourself in a better society and develop together.

Having received the same efforts from others in return for our efforts invested in this society, we will no longer want to search. And let's not think about ourselves - our environment will become more important to us.


  1. We need a world without wars, we are looking for specialists who will teach us how to live without negativity, without hatred, without violence.
    Thank you for the article!

  2. Who cares… A like-minded person can be found and alone and together with you they will look further, but it’s already better to find a whole society, because it’s more productive and more fun to develop together. , take root and get all the useful minerals from the soil, it’s good if the soil is fertile, but more often they adapt in difficult and even harsh conditions, and if such sprouts survive, they become strong and hardened. Therefore, there are few white crows ...

  3. Yes ! Yes, we are looking for: ourselves in others; your best in others; the best of others in oneself; the best of the best! Great, thanks !!!!

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