In an atmosphere of love and happiness


I wake up, the rays of the bright sun illuminate the room. Probably, the awakening came from the sounds coming from the kitchen. Father is joking about something, mother is clinking cymbals and bursting into her magical laughter. Smells delicious. I am a small child. I have a feeling of complete happiness .

Will it ever be so calm and good, so easy and carefree? Most likely no.

Now, with age, you understand that the most important thing that we can give our children is such a feeling of happiness . The child knows that they love him, value him, that he has a mom, dad, he has favorite toys, and there is a future. Mom and dad love and respect each other, try to build good, harmonious relationships between themselves. Do you know what it is? And this is the institution of the family. The one where children learn kindness, learn to yield, learn compassion and mutual assistance.

It is precisely from such institutions that children emerge into adulthood protected and prepared for independent living.

An example of a kind, respectful and harmonious relationship between mom and dad is the foundation on which the child's personality is built, it is a skeleton, a reserve for the future building of correct, good social ties. What a pity that many parents do not think about it.

In an atmosphere of love, a child can develop all his potentials. As the sages said: “Educate the child along his path.” And you just need to love your own child - not yourself in him, but him, so different from us, such a quiet person or a rebel. Develop his interests and aspirations, and not impose your own, help him make a choice, and not make a choice for him.

As it turns out, this is the hardest thing - to cancel your self in front of the baby, to rein in your “I know better”, just treat him with respect. Yes, we were not taught this, and our parents were not taught, and their parents too. And what to do?

It turns out that we are forced to educate a generation similar to us, who does not know how to treat each other in a good way, who does not know how to build good, good ties, who is deaf to compassion and mutual assistance?

Dear parents, mothers and fathers, grandparents, let's start educating ourselves, let's learn what we want to teach our children!

What about children? And the children will still be like us.


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