Elevator to the world of tomorrow


Whenever the world is going through great upheavals, there is a desire to establish good connections between all people. Whenever a country experiences an internal crisis, there is a desire to unite all parts of the nation. And yet, despite this, life continues to lead us from disappointment to disappointment. So what are we missing on the path to peace and contentment?

The problem is that people are selfish by nature. We think only of ourselves, look after our own good, and use others for personal pleasure. Thus, even if we think about things like interconnecting people and try to create organizations and processes to achieve this goal, this work lacks the power to overcome human nature, that is, to put love for others above love only for yourself. Because of this, bonding efforts never last long.

What people need in order to succeed is a special power, something otherworldly, a kind of miraculous mechanism that can lift humanity above its selfish nature to a more advanced and sublime quality of love for others, something completely new.

The world is in the middle of an evolutionary process. In recent decades, the world has become an integral system in which all its details are interconnected and interdependent. But beings with an internal focus on themselves are not yet integrated into the emerging world. As it becomes more and more interconnected, at the same time everyone's ego grows and pushes people away from each other. Thus, the incompatibility between the egoistic civilization and the system of nature grows. If human nature does not change, the world will come to a destructive explosion. It's only a matter of time.


There is a unique mechanism that can save humanity from this terrible fate and raise it to a new level of interaction, safer and more enjoyable. This salvific mechanism is an integral method of correcting human nature. The method is based on the study and development of ways of interconnection and communication in small groups. In depth, he describes the integral system of nature and the force that connects all parts of reality into an integral mechanism of ideal form.

All nature is based on a comprehensive system in which everything happens and exists in connection, perfection and harmony. This highest law of nature, requiring love, absolutely cannot be violated. When we direct our selfish nature towards love for others, the distance between us and others is reduced until we can feel everyone within ourselves. Our mental and emotional calculations become harmoniously linked; mind and heart are united in a central line where everything becomes one and connected.

Such a development process can lead each of us to find true love for others, and then we can begin to shape the environment to also support this goal. This transformative transition from independence to interdependence will lift us from a cataclysmic reality into the world of tomorrow, to a true friendship of peoples, to a civilization of cooperation in which all of humanity rises to a prosperous future.


  1. An amazing opportunity is described in this article, how one would like to live in such a system in peace and joy.

  2. In order for what is proposed to come true, we must accept the postulate that nothing superfluous has been created and that each existence is justified and necessary for some reason. Then one will not destroy the other and will not refuse to rise in the general elevator because of the difference in views, skin color, the contents of the wallet or bank accounts or the language spoken.

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