I love airports


I love airports. They are like a feeling of well-being. It's probably from childhood. You fly, then, where you are not, then, where it is better than here. Join the sky You let yourself be swallowed by a huge iron bird and carried away to distant lands. And you go out - having changed, reborn.

We want to be reborn. This conclusion was made recently. We are a generalization. I consider myself part of society , and if I, an average unit, have this desire, then I express the thoughts of a certain segment of the population.


I love airports. You seem to be one step away from death, conscious and inevitable. As a test of fate, whether your time has come or not. It excites, makes the heart beat faster.

Do we choose our destiny? Taking off, you clearly understand that it is not. But we're buying a ticket .... We? Or is it the way things are? And then who put them together? Maybe the desire to be reborn arises from the state of impossibility to change oneself - then again, in a new circle.

And I'm flying and testing fate. No. The time has not come, why is it still needed. For what? The question is sent into space. Answer come.


  1. Why tempt fate on purpose, if any of our steps can end in death? It’s nice to fly because of the speed and the ability to see the sky closer and the earth from above. more. We came into this world not for risky trials or wars, but to learn how to communicate between us and love.

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