Are we bored?

we live

Not a day goes by without the thought that my existence is insignificant. And not because of the depression. No, there is no sadness. We live! The sky is blue, chocolate is sweet, money pleases, but ... the thought that you are like humus does not leave.

What's wrong? After all, this was not the case before. Life was a search! Life was - discovery, surprise, disappointment, finally! But not the monotony of worthless actions. And around the mass .... “The ant is alive. Someone broke a paw, it doesn’t count…”.

Why do we run, why do we earn, why do we give birth to children and mourn for the dead, not noticing that it is bad for the living nearby? What kind of life are we? Cruel, kind, gloomy, cheerful - why? Empty goals and empty joy when we achieve them. Why were we given this piece of life? Is it just for reproduction? Oh, no, we are probably moving evolution forward with our progress and science? ... No, we are not.

Maybe go back and find a starting point, or rather, those tablets that are lying somewhere in the desert, forgotten in the ashes of our spiritual development?

We once lost them or forgot them along the way. Yes, something important has been lost, without which you don’t want to and cannot continue to live.

But the search for the lost is already a meaning, already a light at the end of the tunnel.


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