Get to where time has stopped


It happens all of a sudden when you're not expecting it. It's impossible to predict. The moment when suddenly you are not you, when the space moves apart, and the earth leaves from under your feet, turns into the infinity of your state.

In less prosaic terms, bang - and you're in the hospital. And he did not come there himself, but rushed to the "ambulance" under the howl of a siren with flashing lights on the "green". Under fanfare, so to speak.

It reminded me of rehearsing for something we fear the most. In intensive care , they undress you, not even leaving a ring on your ring finger. Remove everything you don't need. And the gods in robes bow down and decide.

What a wonderful state! A chance to review everything that I managed to do in my life . Like before and after. And in the moment "after" the right to a draft is no longer there.

In fact, no amount of persuasion in a normal environment will make us change.

Yes, and who knows what is right? Nobody.

When the state of "resuscitation" happened, and a chance to continue life was given, this is clearly a signal to evaluate life, draw conclusions, and ... thank you.


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