Stay out of touch

without communication

Remember the feeling when you were left without connection?

When I woke up in the morning, I found that the phone was silent. As they say today, "from the word" absolutely ". And this means that if it is broken, access to the Internet is possible only through a computer. A light breeze of panic refreshed and awakened at once.

Weaned in recent years from portioned consumption of the worldwide network. We draw here and now. There was an idea that it looks like an addiction. But dependence on what?

From connections. They - like neural connections that seem to be missing in a person - enveloped us and allowed us to feel some semblance of happiness from being close to the world. They saturate us with other people, knowledge, beauty and even wealth. Indirectly, through the World Wide Web, we even get food, food and ... spirituality. It remains to understand whether this is good or bad.

Of course, it is a pity that due to more and more immersion in the Internet, our children do not and will not have a childhood like ours. There will be no such friends and pioneer enthusiasm. And it is a pity that we will never return to past sensations of reality.

But today, young people (yes, and almost all people) have more threads and connections, albeit thinner ones. They famously manage them, not going in cycles in stamps.

And in return - association with the world, the speed of obtaining any amount of information. The main thing is how you will take advantage of the opportunities that the present time gives. Will you improve these ties - and therefore the world - or not.


  1. Wow, are we enriching the world with our own information or launching gossip or fakes? That is the question!

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