Living in an era of change


We live in fun times! Two years ago, when the pandemic began, the situation in the world was assessed as pre-war. A crisis in all spheres of human relations was to lead us to a world war. Almost all analysts spoke about it. The pandemic drew attention to itself, and the rulers were not up to the war.

Today we are already accustomed to living in the shadow of the “corona”. But, in their opinion, the time has come to return to solving urgent problems, i.e. to the world war. And although the state of war for a person is a normal state, I would still like to do without it. Or rather, move it as far as possible. Although, if we consider the war as a surgical intervention in the sick body of humanity (and the crisis is a disease), then the further we delay treatment, the more difficult it is to treat. In our case, the war will be more catastrophic.

Continuing the medical terminology, it is logical to ask: is it possible to cure humanity in a therapeutic way?

Let's try to figure out what we need to treat or remove in ourselves.

The main situation that has developed in the world today is the global economy and the oversaturation of the market with goods. There is nothing else to do! But capitalism cannot live like that, it must produce something. Therefore, he has one recipe - to destroy everything globally and start building anew. We do not like this method because of the presence of nuclear weapons. Therefore, we say that capitalism as a system has become obsolete. And today we have no other system….

What do we do?

We have already noted that the economy has become global. This means that all people and countries depend on each other. Am I happy that I depend on everyone? Yes, of course, I enjoy the opportunities and rights that the global economy provides me. But not the responsibility of a global dependency.

The economy is global, and relations between people are selfish - this is the root of inconsistency and disease, the cause of crises. Treatment is a way out of one's own egoism, an effort to rise a little above it. Outside of me there is something more important than my "I". This is my spiritual work. And there is only one step to the general welfare from here….

But this is impossible!

My selfishness, my "I" suddenly grows from a small capricious into a huge uncle, I would say a "monster", and demands freedom and independence from me. I can't deal with him alone. He is stronger than me, because he is my "I"!

Look at what's going on in the world today - everyone suddenly decided to become independent. My thoughts scattered all over the world and materialized! Immediately jumped prices, and the economy went down. You have to pay for freedom. But we do not know the price of freedom, what “freedom” is and whether it will exist at all.

It seems that the process of centralization is over, and we are returning to civil strife with all the consequences .... The danger of modern civil strife lies in the fact that nuclear weapons will end up in many states. In whose hands will it fall? There will definitely be those who want to buy it (yes, they already are). And there will be those who want to sell it. There will be no control over the use of nuclear weapons.

One way or another, humanity will come to global peace and take that decisive, healing step towards each other. It's about the price we pay.


  1. Yes, the price of life, especially not yours, has dropped too much, inflation is in our heads, we stopped appreciating every person, believing that the “chosen ones” and their attendants should live. But with covid, our nus probably pretended to be and forgot what it smells like!

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