On World Health Day the planet is sick

world health day

On World Health Day , declared by the United Nations on April 7, there is not much to celebrate. Old diseases that were once considered eradicated, such as polio, are making a comeback across the continents. And two years after the Covid-19 outbreak, we are still fighting a pandemic.

This year the theme of the UN event is “Our planet, our health”. It focuses on the interdependence between all levels of nature and our health. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 13 million deaths worldwide each year are caused by environmental problems. Climate change is associated with diseases such as cancer, asthma, plague, heart problems, etc.

We can keep counting deaths and complaining about the state of the world. But nothing will change until we admit that the health care system around the world has failed. Our main concern should be to ask ourselves: how, despite all the scientific advances that should have made life on the planet comfortable, did humanity reach such a low point?

Mankind has created a health care system based on selfish aspirations. Therefore, we cannot expect miracles from her. After all, the evil we are talking about here are selfish, selfish qualities that are rooted in us. The health care system, like all systems in society, depends on how money is handled and on people's willingness to make it function properly.

Many international organizations dedicated to guaranteeing a better state of the environment and global health, instead of promoting these goals, are only concerned with accumulating financial support and holding beautiful conferences without any real results and actions to improve the situation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that humanity is not only unable to effectively deal with pandemics. But even old diseases that were thought to have been virtually eradicated are reappearing. Humanity will never be able to eradicate diseases forever if it continues to create the conditions for their spread.

All diseases, especially those discovered in the last few decades, are the result of a mental, physiological and biological imbalance between the person and the environment. Until this is corrected, it is impossible to eliminate the cause of diseases.

We see clear evidence of the negative impact of man on nature - but the root of the problem is deeper. The state of nature depends on the relationship between people. This means that humanity needs to take only what is necessary for survival and take care of the smooth functioning of the entire system, instead of reckoning only with selfish calculations and grasping at everything that is possible, without regard to the consequences.

One may ask: how are human relations and what happens in nature connected? There are four levels in nature: inanimate, vegetative, living and human. Everything except man exists in accordance with the natural laws of reciprocity and balance. Other levels have no free choice in anything; they act instinctively, taking only what is necessary for their survival.

Only man is the only creature that is capable of acting against others deliberately, consciously, for the sake of causing harm. All the negative reactions that we receive from nature are only a consequence of our actions. Simply put, we bring these blows on ourselves.

If we try to build a harmonious system of human relations, then all nature will be balanced, including humanity. And when we feel how dependent we are on everyone, and everyone acts with care for others individually and collectively, with a common mind and as one body, the ancient saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” will become a reality.


  1. We are so arranged that only pain and suffering arouse empathy in us. Wars and illnesses are our medicine, in this way, like from plasticine, they fight in us a HUMAN who acts for the benefit of all ..
    Is there another way? Can we immediately raise a person who sympathizes with others?

  2. Our relationships, even in our own families, affect our performance and relationships with other people. Positive changes will have to start with ourselves and our families and everyone.

  3. We miss this so much, everything is so fixated on itself, as if in a trap, that they cannot escape .. and the solution is both simple and difficult at the same time. Everyone should just think

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