food crisis. How to avoid hunger?

a crisis

A month has passed since the start of the war in Ukraine , and economists say the world is facing an unprecedented food shortage. The conflict reduces the export of essential goods from Russia and Ukraine - wheat, corn and sunflower oil. At the same time, prices for seedlings and transport have risen, and they have greatly affected the production of world agriculture.

The FAO estimates that food prices could jump significantly in the coming months and exacerbate global food insecurity, creating crisis and unrest.

If the predictions come true, the world, as in the last century, will plunge into hunger. And humanity knows from the past that such a strong blow can lead to tensions and acts of extremism. Can the situation come to this? Everything depends on ourselves.

Will a drop in supply really lead the world to real hunger? With a 20% decrease in the product that falls on the table of an average person, it will definitely be less pleasant and tasty, but the person will not die of hunger. There are people who, due to dismissal and various reasons, lose much more than twenty percent, and still live.

In general, in our time there are no problems due to food shortages. Our problem is social, not technical. If the world came to the right solution to the crisis, perhaps we would not feel the danger of hunger.

We could discuss a sober and healthy approach: how much do we have and how much do we need? Who is missing and who is missing? If someone in the family stops working, then we all think about the new situation that has developed and calculate the household accordingly. To begin with, making sure that the kids will have everything they need. Then we will take into account the needs of adolescents. And the strongest adults can reduce their consumption a little. It's not scary, you can survive a difficult period and move on to prosperity again.

That is, our problem is that the world does not work the way it does in a family, where there is a relationship of intimacy and mutual care. There is no interconnection in this world, no one thinks about the other, and therefore there will be places where the grain will burn just like that, and places where there will be real hunger.

The fact that supply problems cause a domino chain that knocks every country in its path proves that all representatives of the world need to be together. The situation is inclusive and affects everyone, so you have to decide what to do by sharing. This is the main thing that depends on us: to think like one family.

Our connection can heal everything, compensate for any deficiency. Within human connection is reflected the power of one nature, the highest power of connection between equal and different, equality between contradictions. This spiritual power is revealed when we communicate and become like Nature.

The danger of world hunger shows how alienated we are from this natural force. It helps us to observe reality, to hold on and learn in what laws of the one world we exist, and according to which laws our one world moves. And learn to live and behave according to the laws of nature.

The state of emergency that economists warn about is indeed a serious warning from nature. Connect - or the end. Fight against alienation from your neighbor, against selfishness that makes us feel that everyone is divided, ask to feel that human civilization is at one with nature, and win. Then there will be no famine, and great abundance will pour into the world.


  1. I agree completely, our world, in which in some regions the hedgehog is thrown out due to an overabundance, and in others children die of hunger, a push is needed in the form of such a crisis. We must soberly assess the situation, and not nod languidly, sympathetically, sitting at the computers, reading the news and chewing dinner, the rest of which will fly into the trash. Thinking about others, uniting and helping really - that's what we need. Without an acute crisis, we will not understand, apparently

  2. I think that in most countries there is just a surplus of food, so this is not the worst thing. It is terrible that people hate each other more and more and do not want to come to unity!

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