Diplomacy is the profession of the future


Peace guards

Would you like your child to become a diplomat? I think most parents will not dare to answer in the affirmative to this question.

But let's dispel doubts. Diplomacy is the profession of the future. True diplomacy is the correction of the selfish heart. After all, war does not conquer evil. On the contrary, it increases it even more.

People are afraid of armed conflicts, because in our time they have the opportunity to live well. And here the calculation begins: is it worth starting a war, or, perhaps, calmly, live well, especially for the sake of children?

We do not need to correct anything, except our attitude to the world, and then we will see the world corrected. Let's say we want to end the war. But we need to understand that we can stop it only if it stops in us. However, in order to save humanity and our planet, we must learn this.

Diplomacy as an art

On the eve of certain events, or when events are already in full swing, it is the diplomats who try to resolve the situation. Judging by the fact that diplomacy as a concept arose in ancient Greece, the conflicts that accompanied the entire history of mankind had to be settled not only by military means.

Diplomacy is the art of managing relations. It should always be aimed at mutual benefit and the establishment of peace.

Sometimes the fate of this or that state depends on the talent of the negotiator, i.e. diplomat. Being a mediator between not always friendly, but often opposing sides, a diplomat can either resolve the conflict or aggravate it. This is a very difficult mission. Therefore, a real diplomat must be erudite, punctual, well-mannered, flexible and persistent at the same time, be fluent in foreign languages. But most importantly, he must act according to the formula "love your neighbor as yourself."

Diplomacy of the future

The diplomacy of the future must promote the values of friendship, peace, mutual understanding and solidarity. Future diplomats should communicate effectively, be able to set goals and achieve them as much as possible, constantly broaden their horizons, and learn integral interaction.

Much still has to be corrected by every people and every country until we can mutually unite with each other in a correct and good form. After all, if people do not think about correction, about covering all crimes with love, then a good life will not come. Humanity will begin to conduct an internal revision of its thoughts and perception of reality, realizing that it must move to a new stage of confrontation. But that confrontation will not be between one or another neighboring country, but a confrontation with oneself, a war with one's own nature.

The future belongs to our children! I am sure that they will have enough strength and skills to prevent any military conflict.

Representatives of the new generation of children are charismatic, enterprising, have their own point of view, independent of ambitions. Thanks to modern means of communication, children easily come into contact with representatives of all countries and peoples. They correspond with peers living all over the globe.

Our children and grandchildren, having learned the integral method , will be the ambassadors of the world. Sitting down at the negotiating tables, listening to each other, finding compromises, they will save civilization. I believe in them. They will succeed!


  1. The world is tired of conflicts, of losses, of victims, I really would like everyone to be knowledgeable, integral science, humane, able to communicate at all levels.

  2. Agree one hundred percent!!! Our children are our future! And in order for this future to be happy, we simply have to change ourselves, our attitude towards this world and our attitude towards other people. Powerful article and very important.

  3. It is very important to educate children and the entire population, who will be lucky enough to live in the future, so as not to get diplomats who settled on the dishes of their rulers and fakes that the fourth power injected poison into the population and the same diplomats who accumulated in parties that supported their presidents and could not Fulfill your duty by peacefully agreeing on the life of your peoples. I would not wish such weak diplomacy to any state.

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