There is no excuse for the ongoing disaster


Letters do not add up to words. As if all the words have been said - and curses, and sympathy, and pain. Relationships with colleagues are torn - both by me and by them. I am enriched with new diagnoses - from the banal “zombification by American / Ukrainian propaganda” to the more sophisticated “moral narcissism” (this is something related to the conviction that there is no justification for the ongoing catastrophe).

I want to write something, but I don't know what. What I know and can do is not suitable for what is happening. And the words that come to me at the sight of wide banners with the letter Z in my city are already lined with the criminal code on all sides. And this letter is more and more, the rhetoric of war seeps everywhere. You can attribute this to my moral narcissism, but the country is a moral and ethical catastrophe.

The historian and the psychologist in me prick up their ears at the same time: aha, this is how it was in the past? Just like that, the ordinary and simple way of thinking “whoever is not with us is an enemy of the people and a traitor” has taken possession of the majority ... Just like that, a poster in Nakhodka “fifth column, collaborators and fake throwers - you are next” becomes a normal thing, approved by the masses. To such an extent that the acquaintance does not see anything so reprehensible in the words about national traitors, and in response, he is indignant at the lack of patriotism and love for the motherland among those who are not Za.

Whatever I say, everything seems either too pretentious or too small. And as one of my clients told me, someone has prepared for us the fate of being fuel in the fire of history. And he does not want to burn for someone's glory. He wants to live, love, hug children, come up with something that makes life better. And not under the shadow of the letter Z.

There are few words yet. But I am reading you, my dear people, already scattered all over the world, for whom what is happening is a catastrophe, not a triumph of will. I am happy for you when something good slips in my feed, I am sad when it hurts you.


  1. It is difficult for us, ordinary citizens of both countries, to accept what is happening. But we do not know everything and do not assume how our so-called world would continue to exist for at least this month ... We believe in our rulers and, experiencing suffering for ourselves, our loved ones who live in both countries, we can only pray and sympathize. But for I have already established myself that I am also to blame for what happened, and everyone, hand on heart, think about the same.

  2. A normal person clearly understands that no one has the right to break into someone else's house, country. Man is given brains and a heart to talk and negotiate. Today, many have realized that they need to save their lives and not go to a senseless slaughter.
    Lord, help and stop the war!

  3. I am no less concerned about everything that happens in the world, but I do not spread someone else's desire - carrying negativity and inciting ethnic hatred ...
    Moreover, I don’t “get into” politics, it’s not quite a decent, selfish and “dirty” thing… It’s useless to prove who is right or wrong here (?). Most importantly, why should we stoop to a hostile confrontation, provoking a military conflict, and then blaming everyone and everything. For what, for what satisfaction?
    It would be better for us to unite and call everyone to peace and harmony between us, and it doesn’t matter where we live and what nationality ...,
    All together turn to the Creator (God, the Creator, as you wish), pray and ask for help - stop the hatred and confrontation between us, and prevent any conflicts ..
    Otherwise, we really - with our hysterical hatred and hostility will bring ourselves and the whole world to a nuclear catastrophe .. Let's stop all together, stop all judgment and criticism in any address, no one gave us such a right ...
    Let's be HUMAN!!!

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