What will paleontologists of the future see?


We know about the life of our ancestors thanks to paleontology . This is a biological science that explores everything that existed in past geological periods.

Why do we need this knowledge? It is from them that we draw information about the patterns of evolution, the distribution of species and subspecies in space and time, their way of life, and a picture of their habitat.

What is the subject of research? Fossilized fossils. They tell us about traditions, diseases, conflicts, climate change and much more. Only the hard parts of the skeleton are preserved in fossils. According to them, paleontologists restore the appearance of ancient animals and people.

We have a lot of interesting facts. For example, scientists have found that dinosaurs suffered from respiratory diseases long before humans. That once mammoths lived in Siberia, that dogs began to serve man about 1.8 million years ago, and so on.

Of particular interest to us, of course, is the person. His way of life. As it became known to scientists, almost from the very moment of its appearance, man fought with his own kind. This is evidenced by skulls broken by stones, arrowheads and spears stuck in the ribs, and later excavations at battlefields.

The whole history of human existence is accompanied by wars. For territory, for wealth, for religion, or for the purpose of enslavement.

Is this the only way to resolve conflicts? Was this the very meaning of the life of Homo sapiens?

When, at what stage of development did a person still ask himself the question: “What do I live for?” Developing physically, culturally and economically over thousands of years, forming societies, establishing mutually beneficial relationships, people have constantly pursued one goal - to satisfy their own ambitions, passions and desires. With each round of development, they strengthened and only modernized this goal.

There is a specific question. Maybe we should think about new goals? Do not prioritize the solution of personal pressing problems, or at least pay less attention to it. A person, of course, is insatiable, but ... how much and what else does he need?

Often, being unable to meet the growing needs, we find the only way to solve it - war . And the desires are the same as always: to deceive, select, subdue! And as a result - destruction, and after it, self-destruction.


We do not want the paleontologists of the future to tell our distant descendants, demonstrating charred shards, that our civilization perished in an atomic war!

Such is the nature of a person - at first he directs all his strength and thoughts to make him feel good. But if it doesn’t work out, then the next stage is so that no one feels good.

So maybe you need to use the third option? Make it good for everyone? Make every effort to self-development and the overall development of mankind, united in the desire to achieve a better future.

It is better to develop together in cooperation, mutual assistance and love. And then, perhaps thousands of years later, paleontologists will unearth our remains and be surprised to find no signs of war.

That is what we need to take care of today. Let's leave our great-grandchildren a good memory of us!


  1. Indeed, I want to see a world where the main desire will be caring for each other, and not material excesses that do not make a person happy.
    Let this good intention become the main thing for all people.

  2. It is worth considering what will be left after us. We have already reached the edge, but it is still possible to change. There are always two ways out of the situation, we all decide.

  3. Come on, but as long as our uncorrected egoism dominates in every person, there will be those who benefit from war .... Therefore, everyone has an internal war with his own enemy-egoism, which cultivates all qualities, including greed, the thirst to rule over others ....

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