Opposition between good and evil


What happens in the world? Today we are witnessing a confrontation between good and evil. In a broad sense, society is a part of nature, and as a part it is subject to the whole - the laws of nature. Despite the fact that nature and society are interconnected, there is not only unity between them, but also differences. At first glance, these differences seem to be hostile to each other. Nevertheless, each of them is a condition for the existence of the other, paradoxically forming a kind of unity of differences.

The unity of differences in physics is easily traced. For example, in physics there are particles and antiparticles. Particle is the opposite of antiparticle . On the other hand, particle and antiparticle are largely the same. When the particles interact, they are transformed into light, that is, into a new essence. If the particle and antiparticle were not opposite or were not at the same time united, then they could not turn into light, that is, into another entity.

Examples of opposites in the social world are good and evil, truth and falsehood, love and hate , and so on. Each pair is one, connected, because its components do not exist one without the other. We feel good only because we have experienced evil. Against the backdrop of evil, good stands out brightly. If we continue this series, then we can say that we would not feel pleasant satiety if we had not previously experienced the opposite sensation - a feeling of hunger.

It makes sense to take a closer look at the intermediate process - the satisfaction of appetite, the most pleasant of the three. We eat food with pleasure because at the same time we feel hungry, and in our memory there is a pleasant memory of satiety.

Summing up, I want to say that the current situation in the world is not hopeless. Yes, the world is divided. Yes, today there is a lot of hatred in it. However, each side has rallied and there is a lot of love inside. Now love and hate must give birth to a new essence - mutual understanding , mutual concessions and peace for both sides.

There can be no winner in this war. It makes you think about the underlying causes of the current confrontation.


  1. A very important point, everyone should accept it, there is always a confrontation, the theme of good and evil is observed in all cultures and traditions. But we have already come to such a point that we can already ask ourselves the question, what is the reason? And what to do with it?

  2. Now in the world there is a clear imbalance towards evil. How to get away from hatred, learn to hear and accept the opinion of another, to meet him, to make concessions, as the author of the article writes? It is difficult, very difficult, but it will be necessary, because the world needs peace.

  3. Will we hear? Unfortunately, the confrontation between the authorities, people and countries does not cause a warm light, but a striking fire, explosion and death. We must realize and try to find a middle line of compromise so that people on earth live differently, but without violent aggression and hatred. This is not what we came to this world eventually...

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