Hate is contagious


Ask yourself the question: what feeling do you experience more often - hatred or joy? Lately, I've personally encountered more hate.

We can no longer imagine life without the Internet and gadgets. And there, all social networks are full of posts, links to news, comments that are simply overflowing with hatred and suffering. You pick up the phone, go to any social network - and you already expect that you will not see anything good there.

A year ago, on March 16, 2021, UN Special Rapporteur Fernand de Varenne called for combating the spread of hatred and incitement to violence on social media. As an example, in his report, he mentioned the "Pittsburgh shooter" who killed 11 people in the synagogue and used social networks to spread the theory of the seizure of power by the Jews.

This year the situation has changed little. Millions of people express their dissatisfaction and hatred , write posts, comment, repost videos or photos inciting anger and rage on various topics. Yale University conducted a study examining 13 million tweets. As a result, it was found that the initial indignation of some people aroused support from others, but it was others who expressed even greater hatred and anger. Thus, even if a person is quite moderate and not aggressive in any matter, it is he who perceives and reacts more strongly.

Naturally, demand creates supply. After all, if there was no demand, social networks would not offer all this trolling , news garbage and conspiracy theories.

On the other hand, people always share their personal emotions, and this affects the rest of those who read their content. According to A. Goldberg from Harvard and J. Gross from Stanford, there is a certain relationship in this. That is, what a person publishes affects not only his readers, but also those to whom it will be sent. And so on, hatred and suffering are passed along the chain. Researchers also believe that positive publications have a much greater impact than negative ones. But, unfortunately, it is anger that gains an audience and spreads best.

But if you think about it, what gives us all this hatred? Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I just don't want to spoil my mood. Indeed, after reading the next news, post or watching a video that causes a storm of indignation, nothing good remains in the soul. In fact, you cannot influence the situation, the reaction is negative, you write an angry comment, repost it so that others can read it. And this path of anger and rejection continues on.

In fact, hate cannot be stopped by hate. A storm of negative emotions grips you and everyone else who reads and reacts to this post. All this anger will be transferred from one person to another through the network. And how does this affect us? The question is rhetorical. All this translates into our real life, and we see images of violence not only on the Internet.

Of course, I understand that we are witnessing very difficult and difficult situations that are happening in the world right now. And the reaction to everything that happens can not be different.

But there is also a downside. In many situations, people help each other, show kindness and care, sacrifice something. There are many bright and positive moments that cause completely opposite emotions - bright and positive. But, unfortunately, far fewer people share them. Therefore, on the scales, suffering and hatred will always outweigh.

Although I believe that everything is in our hands. Even if each person finds something good on the network and passes it on to another, the benefits of such a repost will be much greater.


  1. I think that everyone should rise above hatred inside themselves, otherwise it will start to corrode the person from the inside and he will get sick. in Ukraine by the forces of Russia ... Now they have received such hatred that descendants will have to correct. Everyone who feels like a human is obliged to correct this vile feeling in himself, he will have to ask for help from a Higher power.

  2. Excellent article. We ourselves, like drug addicts, are looking for scandals, negativity, tragedies in social networks. We stir up our egoism, feeding it with all this. You need to find the strength in yourself to switch to the positive, feed on it and pass it on to others.

  3. Umnichka, Natashenka, thanks for the deep thoughts. The topic is really, very painful and relevant for today. We are literally torn between sympathy and anger, we burst into tears over the shots of the children of the war, no matter from which side, they are JUST CHILDREN! Or old people... Or JUST PEOPLE...
    Cellars, fire, explosions... Hunger... A lump in the throat, pity, sharp as a knife...
    And impotent rage. On whom?
    Everything is so mixed up in the soul, so closely woven into tight, sick veins...
    Oooh, selfishness is a great specialist to twist hearts ...
    And where to find the strength to rise above the hatred of all against all? How to cure a shagreen soul, shriveled by hatred? And you give birth to kindness in yourself, as a counterweight, from burnout, from the madness of the inhumanity of war.
    And good should not be a counterbalance, it should be the ORIGINAL state of a person.
    And everything good is like a flower, it grows out of mud, but becomes a wonderful miracle.
    “If only you knew from what rubbish poetry is born…”
    To be able to melt and change polarity ...
    But this is so difficult to accomplish in one single soul...
    Without the help and support of the same restless souls...

  4. I worked at the box office of the Moscow hippodrome. On that day, as usual, in the hall where the minimum bets were accepted, it was crowded. Serious passions were seething, and I was a witness to a scandal between two deaf and dumb players who had previously placed in my box office.
    I did not understand their speech, and there was no sign language interpreter. But in expressions the guys were not shy. Fingers, of course. More facial expressions. At the height of the scandal, one man turned away.
    Apparently, the maximum contempt was in this action ... And the second, as if not seeing this, continued to bend his fingers already in the back, and not in the face. I think they lost the total bet of the next race.
    What else to argue about at the hippodrome ... Hearing players smiled knowingly.
    But, when the day's races were over, the men went away together, in their own calm way they talked to each other. They were not rich running gamers… With the hope of great luck!
    Excitement, which owns the players of the tote, caused violent emotions, released the trapped energy of the body.
    Every person wants to be happy. But he is looking for the reason for the lack of happiness in bad luck or in the wrong actions of the people around him. Not understanding and not hearing it. Him personally!
    A person has no knowledge of how the universe works. Therefore, he does not know that hatred is the other side of Love. Like a coin, without a second side, it is not a coin.
    And only the science of Kabbalah can help a person, Humanity as a whole, to properly build relations between people and states. Build Peace in the World.
    Thanks to the author for bringing up such an important topic. And I wish you all happiness!


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