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I am a family doctor

I am a family doctor with great experience. I remember my grandparents' family doctor. He lived nearby. There were no telephones and no internet. When my grandmother was ill, grandfather asked me to run to Yakov Efimovich and say that my grandmother needed to be cured. For the kid to run a couple of kilometers was not a problem. We walked back together, and sometimes he let me carry his medical bag. For me it was a great honor. I will tell you about how he treated later.

The family doctor was part of the family. I saw him in our house at birthdays, weddings and funerals. It was he who awakened in me this feeling of a Chekhovian doctor . A lot of time has passed - study, work, mistakes, ups and downs - and today I try to be the same doctor as he is.

Unfortunately, in America, medicine has become a business that brings a lot of money. And so I wanted humanity, contact, sympathy and compassion! So, over time, I began to deviate from the course of wealth and the status of a doctor in society and follow the ideals of Chekhov's zemstvo doctor.

I may be one of the poorest, but the happiest family doctors: over the years I have attended the holidays and funerals of many families that I serve. I did not make a reservation - I serve, I serve and I wish everyone to be healthy, happy and, most importantly, that each relative understand their place in the family and add a lot of love to it.

I realized that love and care give health, and quarrels and disassemblies lead to illness. This is the root of disease, of any health problem.

Two sides of modern medicine

I'm trying to keep everyone healthy. From the point of view of modern medicine, this is financial suicide. Insurance does not pay for health, but only for illness. It is economically advantageous for everyone to be sick, but live long. This is exactly what we are striving for all over the world. We have learned how to prolong life and keep people in this painful condition. No wonder the official motto of the American Physicians Association is "Support patients in their illnesses."

Life expectancy is growing rapidly, but the quality of life is also rapidly falling. The number of nursing homes and their inhabitants is growing, where there is practically no life, but only existence. It is much more pleasant to communicate with healthy and positive people.

If we are talking about patients, then they need to be grown and supported in this way. If the whole family takes care of each other, it is easier to maintain health. It is impossible to be always happy and healthy, just as it is impossible to enjoy food if there is no negative feeling of hunger. Understanding the dynamics, you have to teach all family members how to deal with negativity, how to warm up love and maintain good relationships in the family.

All my life I tried to answer myself the question: where is the elixir of health and happiness ? I think I'm very close to deep revealing this. And I really want to share with you.

It all starts with uncovering problems. We call it a diagnosis.

When a child begins to get sick very often and in a variety of ways - the stomach, head, breathing, throat, or anything, from the experience of practice, I know that we urgently need to pay attention to family relationships. Almost always the reason is in bad relationships in the family.

The head of the family is mom and dad. I was not mistaken just like that, the head of the family is not dad, and not mom, but a unit of parents - mom and dad. We have so much misunderstanding and confusion that we do not pay attention to it at all, but in vain. When a child begins to get sick often, we sin on genetics or that the child ate something wrong, got too cold, etc. I do not deny all this, but if the child is healthy, all this should pass quickly and without consequences.

Usually in such a situation, I make an appointment with parents without children and begin to find out the circumstances. First, you need to break the ice and gain their trust. Let them know that I really care about their child's health and explain to them the importance of maintaining a good relationship. As a rule, they say that we do not swear in front of a child.

However, this requires a separate explanation.

Children- indicator of family health

Children are very sensitive to good and bad vibrations. I made this phenomenal discovery for myself more than twenty years ago. Then he worked two jobs and started three more companies. As you understand, he strove for the American dream - wealth, fame, happiness. At that time, my little son slept peacefully on the second floor. But if I was in a bad mood, he would start crying. I woke up in the middle of the night and cried very bitterly. It was almost impossible to calm him down. In medicine, this is called "night terror."

I realized that there is no connection between us. Even when I am at home, I am constantly at work, or I continue to work in my head. The decision was made quickly. I put a mattress on the floor next to his bed and slept with him all night. If he woke up or just tossed and turned, I put my hand on him and he calmed down. This went on for two months, every night.

The restless nights stopped after a month. But I suddenly felt that I was doing all this not only for him, but for both of us.

Our ties are mutual. If both push each other away or try to dominate, then the connection is negative and leads to physical manifestations. This is the root of psychosomatics . If the relationship is harmonious and there is love for each other inside, diseases recede. This is the medicine for the world.

Let's understand that we must take care of each other, then the family and the world in which we live will be healthy.

Let's be sensitive to our relationships and be healthy!


  1. Help from an integral medicine doctor is always effective! Many more do not know how to think systematically and therefore their successes come for a short time or do not help at all.

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